*NEW* Fun & Easy Creative Business Planning


I am truly excited to be unveiling the *NEW* Fun & Easy Creative Business Planning Experience!

I’ve led creative business planning events for years now and this one is different! It includes all my favorite fun and creative mindmap tools to put together a creative and practical business plan… and lots of new beautiful and practical tools too!

I’d love for you to join us for this magical creative experience of developing your plan for 2018!

Now, it’s more important than ever to create a plan and be intentional about getting your work out into the world so you can create Big Ripples of positivity, healing, success, love and abundance!

I’m a big believer that with a plan you’ll know where you want to go and create more success! Without a plan, you’re wasting energy just reacting to whatever shows up.

Let me share with you a bit about what’s coming up…

There are two main parts to the experience:


The Creative Business Planning System™– a playbook of fun, beautiful and creative business tools for you to create your business plan for 2018. (They all have a totally new look from previous years and there are new playsheets to make this even better for you to ideate, organize, plan and take action!)

You’ll also receive a Daily Action Planner and Social Media Content Planner so you can use your Creative Business Plan all throughout the year, every day!

You’ll also receive access to learning videos which will show you how to use the tools. Short and easy with smart business strategies and ideas. Way easier than sitting through a long webinar – you get to pick and choose which ones you want to listen to!


You need dedicated time to actually create your 2018 plan so I am leading 3 Virtual Planning Retreat Days where we’ll have fun and create plans! (Yes, those concepts can go together!)

You can attend 1 or all of the days. It’s a fun way to have accountability while we all work on our plans. I’m available for coaching during the days as well so you get valuable feedback to keep you moving!

Here is the link to see all the details of the Creative Business Planning Experience and to sign up.

I can’t wait for what you create for 2018!

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