Love Neuroscience? Here’s a Great Training for You!

by Laura West

I love to geek out on the neuroscience behind how we as humans work.

It is fascinating to me to know that when we are in deep connection and conversation with someone we trust that not only does it feel good and the creative ideas flow… but that there’s science behind that!

There’s chemicals being released like oxytocin and dopamine that open up other parts of mind so we truly are more creative and strategic.

Last year I took a training called Conversational IQ. And it was all about this.

This week you can get a free learning opportunity that I think you’ll love.

Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ). It’s one of the fastest growing methodologies in the coaching industry and here’s why: As a coach, C-IQ allows you to understand what’s going on in the brain on a neurochemical level, how to regulate biochemical reactions or activate certain parts of the brain, for example to shift from distrust to trust or trigger new ideas for growth and innovation.

In just 90 minutes, you’ll learn how to transform conversational patterns like being addicted to being right or talking past each other and much more.

I highly recommend it! You can secure your spot here:

I think you are going to love this complimentary training!

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