My real story behind Passion Projects & reminder that deadline to register is Sunday


As you can probably tell from all my posts and updates, I am off-the-charts passionate about the 30-Day Passion Project!

Back in 2011, I took a 3-month Creative Power Sabbatical from my business because I was so burnt out and exhausted from trying to following someone else’s formula. I truly was exhausted and far from my passionate and joyful self.

Imagine… your business name has “joy” in it, and you’ve lost your “joy!” YIKES!!

Well, the Creative Power Sabbatical worked.

Obviously… I connected into my joy and passion again!

What was the biggest reason for the shift?

Giving myself permission.

Yep. Permission to let go of trying to run my business and making offers like others told me I SHOULD.

Letting go of a business model that the only way to be successful was to focus on the money. Period.

It stripped my soul trying to be like someone else.

I finally gave myself permission to follow my passion and use my strengths to help others.

I found that Passion is truly contagious – it’s engaging – it’s compelling.

That’s actually how the 30-Day Passion Project was born. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE possibilities, ideas, and authentic expression.

Combine them together with business, and you have a Passion Project!

Suddenly, I couldn’t wait to share this and put this out to my community!

My passion, joy, and enthusiasm were alive and excited!

And here’s the really, amazing, cool thing about this… I KNOW I’m on the right track – I’ve merged my passions and am bravely putting them out into the world as a Creative Inspired Leader!

Are you ready to feel like this? To let go of the formulas and the “shoulds”? To give yourself permission to be creative, passionate, and authentic?

The only thing you need to be more successful is a bit of structure and some support!

That’s where the 30-Day Passion Project will help you.

It starts July 15th and runs for 30 days. Join now and start letting your passion flow!

Get all the details at the 30-Day Passion Project. (By the way, we also have a convenient two-pay plan!)

I will say that it takes courage and giving yourself permission to say YES to a Passion Project!

But isn’t it time you started saying YES to your Passion?

I can’t wait to help you nurture your Passion Project alive!



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