My Interview with a 7-time 30-Day Passion Project Alum – Ellen Britt

Listen in as I interview Ellen Britt from Pink about how the 30-Day Passion Project programs have changed her entire business!

She went from a seed of an idea in the first 30-Day Passion Project to where she is today sporting a totally new brand and business model, and she is re-infused with fun and energy about her business!

All through participating in 30-Day Passion Projects!

Taking that first step in a Passion Project has led Ellen to amazing shifts in her business: changing her business name, creating a new kind of women-led mastermind, a collaboration with a village of women in Peru, to launching Pink Coattails networking circles. Wow.

And it’s just beginning… all this from joining 30-Day Passion Project Programs to focus, take action, get feedback, and see what’s possible.

“The 30 Day Passion Project is a confidence incubator for that inkling of an idea you have!” ~ Ellen Britt


Listen to the audio interview here:

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