JBTV – My Beautiful Bookcases, Power of a Big Yes! and More…

At the beginning of all my client coaching calls, I always ask about their JoyFlow Sightings. Where is the joy and success flowing in your business and life? What do you want to acknowledge and celebrate?

Well… here’s mine…. my beautiful new bookcases!

Ever since I moved into my new place by the marina I was mostly operating from my dining room table and kitchen bar area. I finally reclaimed my guest room and turned it into a beautiful office. (With just enough room for a comfy inflatable bed for company).

I had so much fun arranging the books and accessories! It brings me joy to walk into the office! This week I lead my first program with this as a backdrop

Definitely doing the JoyFlow Happy Dance!

Speaking of heart expansion…

I want to share this week’s TV Show with you. (Also recorded with my beautiful new backdrop – can you tell I’m excited?)

Episode #48: The Power of a Big Yes!

This week I talk about stop doing work you hate! Start focusing on what makes your heart sing and your creativity flow! Learn how to turn your projects into a Big Yes! It’s all about energy. When you align your energy first… you’ll find deep sources of creativity, inspiration and motivation… and become magnetic!

In this episode I share:
*The power of Big Yes! energy
*How to Grow your business with Big Yes! projects
*How to turn a project that is important but is feeling ho-hum (or Ugh!) energy into a Big Yes!
*The idea of creating an Energy JAM to align your energy with your projects so your creativity and motivation soars! Check out how to create an Energy JAM here.

You can watch this episode here!

You can also watch Joyful Business TV on your TV or laptop!

Just go to Roku, Fire TV or Apple TV! Search for the WIN WIN Women Show and browse for Joyful Business TV.

I hope you enjoy JBTV – it’s a refreshing authentic new way to grow your business… from the inside out!

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