A Morning Blessing

Today I wanted to share this blessing with you from one of my favorite poets, John O’Donohue.

It’s called a Morning Offering. It speaks to me like an invitation. An invitation to show up for what I am meant to do in this lifetime. To stop hiding and second guessing it.

How about you? Where does this blessing call you forth? Where does it make your heart ache for what could be? For unspoken dreams or dreams that are still in progress but maybe full of impatience?

What I am seeing across the board with my clients, colleagues and friends (and me!) is that the isolation from the pandemic… being in this enclosed type of incubator space… is bringing up what has been wanting to erupt for years, maybe even a lifetime.

I’m having lots of conversations about being willing (or forced) to be disrupted is bringing up the yearnings, passions, dreams, urges, and desires that have been constantly pushed aside.

For me, there is a new body of work (when I say work… it’s both a body of work with my clients that is emerging and way of being in my life) that is emerging that is about creating from aligning with the power, energy and creativity within. (More to share here in future emails.)

I’d love to hear what this blessing brings up for you. Let me know what is alive in you about showing up with your piece of this glorious universal puzzle. (You hold a piece of the puzzle you know?!)

I also want to let you know, that I’m back. I took some time to pause. Well, it was a pause in marketing, my days have been full of coaching clients, zoom calls, virtual retreats and lots of learning opportunities.

And I needed to hit Pause for a moment on the outward expression on my marketing. Between my mom’s passing, moving to be with Dad through the Covid uncertainty, the daily pings to our nervous system with what used to be simple decisions (should I get my hair done?) and the surge of emotions with the protests and call for social justice… I’ve had to find my grounding.

I had to give myself permission to Pause.

No one will give you this permission. You have to claim it for yourself.

From this grounded presence, so much more is possible.


“Laura is a magically creative, compassionate, and gifted coach. By generously offering daily Better Together Zoom calls, she has given me a safe container to share my feelings, thoughts, and ideas with other like-minded people, as well as providing tools and wisdom with regard to business development during these uncertain times of Covid. Having also had Laura as my business coach, she has taught me new creative ways of marketing that are fun and have enabled me to shift my mindset and find my own unique style of putting my work out into the world. I highly recommend Laura for anyone who wants help with visioning the multiple possibilities of their own gifts and have fun doing it!” ~Allyn St. Lifer

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