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Income. Sales. Earnings. Revenue. Proceeds.

Without it, we’re not in business.

You can’t ignore that. 

There’s lots of reasons we are doing the work we do AND creating a steady stream of revenue is one of them!  It’s the vehicle for us to reach more people and do more meaningful work.

That’s why I am so excited about this event – Rock Your Revenue Giveaway.

It’s one of those crazy big giveaway events – there are 70+ FREE gifts awaiting you – all focused on helping you make more money.

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(I’m giving away my Shift Your Money Flow create worksheets AND I’m offering a raffle for several spots in the Creative Business Studio). Huge value!

Hosted by Monica Shah, of Revenue Breakthrough, this unprecedented giveaway has amazing giveaways for everyone — and some even more amazing raffles you can enter!

Check out just a few of them…

* Retreat and Grow Rich Course
* Sales Funnel (Re)Design Consultation 
* Your Divine Money Kit
* Double Your Business Media Bootcamp
* Money-Making Tracking Sheets
* Logo Design
* The Money Manifesting Solution
* Website Package
* Fall in Love with Money Challenge
* Expert Guest Appearance on a TV Show
* Money Date Checklist
* Elevator Pitch Makeover
* VIP Video Makeover
* Media Pitch Email & Press Release Templates
* Stop Repelling Money Course
* And much, MUCH more!

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P.S. There’s no “catch” to this goodie basket of free trainings and services. We’re doing this to introduce ourselves and meet new people who we can support. Nothing for you to do but receive!  Ahhh….sit back and receive…

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