How I Got My Mojo Back in My Business After My Divorce

by Laura West

Four years ago things drastically changed in my life. I got separated from husband and eventually we divorced. (The details of which are a story for another time.)

At first with the separation, I was all motivated in my business. I focused on taking care of myself and my sons. Then the divorce became final. And something unexpected happened… it felt like a final statement of my relationship and life dream crashing around me. It totally really wiped me out.

I lost my mojo. In fact, I even felt confused for a while in my life and in my business… questioning everything. What am I doing and what do I really want?

This was a really scary time for me. I was worried I had lost my confidence, conviction and mojo forever! And what about making money to support my family?!

Eventually, I gently realized I needed to go back to the basics.

I let go of creating programs and masterminds. I just wanted private one-on-one clients.

I started reaching out to 3 people a day. Every day.

It started out as pure fun. To just reach out in the world and connect. To get me out of my cocoon. I started seeing how I could help people while sharing my creativity and optimism.

Soon I had past clients wanting to come back and new clients ready to coach with me.

I had my baseline income back in the flow.

I could breathe a sigh of relief.

And as a bonus, I had reconnected with my confidence and conviction.

This was so powerful that I’ve made this a Daily Success Habit. I reach out to 3 people every day. No matter what.

It keeps the flowmentum going in my business.

I’m no longer in that desperate place I was almost 5 years ago. I’ve rebuilt my business and it continues to expand in ways I love!

And I still do Fun & Fabulous Follow Up every day to keep the opportunities and possibilities flowing.

Tomorrow we start the Fun & Fabulous Follow Up 30-Day Challenge and I would love for you to join me in this simple and yet business-changing program.

There’s over 70 people around the world who will be having a fun time reaching out to 3 people a day with authentic connection. It’s really so much fun to check into our facebook group and give virtual high fives for everyone’s success.

This program can help you get your mojo back.

It can help whenever you have a dip for any reason.

And, it will help you more purposefully expand what is already going well!

And, we’ll all do it together so you don’t feel alone and stuck in the doubt vortex… this fun program will get you looking for connections to make (or remake) and you’ll truly get things moving in your business.

It’s a perfect daily success habit to do so you’ll get things (clients, members, speaking opportunities, etc) moving before the summer and people have “vacation mind.”

I hope you’ll come over and jump in with us!

It’s chock full of ideas and support… and it’s only $47! (My clients use what they learn here over and over again!)

Here’s where you can get the details and grab your spot: Fun & Fabulous Follow Up – 30-Day Challenge.

Let’s stir up some positive energy in your tribe! You get to have fun, develop a new daily success habit and be in the flow of connection and abundance! It’s a surprisingly powerful simple idea.

One participant told me last week – “This program has already paid off! Just watching the Getting Started Videos and I was so inspired that I already reached out to 7 people!?”

This can be you too!

Let’s get you in the Flowmentum!

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow on our Launch Call!

PS: Wait until you see all the great ideas for making follow up fun! AND, I’ll give you a buffet of ideas about how to reach out to connect, remind them you are there for them, colleagues to (re)connect with and so much more! Ok, go ahead and sign up and we’ll get your mojo on!

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