[Miracle Marketing Message] You Gotta Step to Leap!


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I know you are so ready to leap, right? To grow your business, to make it fly, to get a new big idea out there, and finally get high paying clients you love.

You also know it requires a leap! A big leap! A leap of faith, a leap in confidence, and a leap in action.

But here’s a glimpse behind the process that not many people talk about.

You have to step before you leap.

In fact, you may have to take many steps. Step, step, step, leap!

Think about how a duck takes flight… it starts walking, then running, and then it leaps. Same for an airplane, too. It coasts into position where it has a long runway (meaning the best chance for takeoff success), and then it starts moving faster and faster until the air gets beneath the wings, and it works WITH the universal laws to glide into the sky.

So what’s your next big project where you are ready to leap?

Can you feel that urge to move forward… in a big way?

What is the step that is right in front of you to take… today?

One step that would get you positioned on the runway, ready for flight?

Maybe you want to redo your website to better reflect your message. What’s one step… research on the web brand color or layout ideas? Email that web designer you got a recommendation for?

Maybe you are ready to take a leap in your business, and you want someone to help you through the process like a coach – so it’ll be easier and you’ll actually get some Flowmentum going. What’s one thing you could do? Get recommendations or referrals from your colleagues? Request an appointment to talk?

What’s the step you can take today to get your leap going?

I hope you enjoyed today’s message. Be sure to let me know by posting a comment below or sending me a message on Facebook… I love to hear your stories!


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