[Miracle Marketing Message] What is creativity in business, really?


Creativity in business isn’t about being artistically talented.

It’s about expressing your creative voice, owning your message, and sharing it in a creative way… however that shows up for you.

And when you do share your message in your unique creative way, it lands, it engages, it grabs attention, and it compels people to you.

That’s what happened this past weekend at the NAMS14 Conference in Atlanta (Novice to Advanced Marketing Systems). I had the honor the third year in a row to capture the keynote speeches in an InfoDoodle Mural. You can see me with Therese Sparby of StopGettingStuck.com, and she loves her InfoDoodle Mural!!!

I’ve been embracing my love for creativity in business through all sorts of ways, including InfoDoodles! And the speakers loved them, and I even was commissioned to do some extra InfoDoodles, with potential for more.

See?! 🙂

Embrace your creativity – however that looks for you – and it makes a hugely positive difference!

Listen to this week’s Miracle Marketing Message for more – What Is Creativity in Business, Really?

To your creativity,


What is creativity in business, really?

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