[Miracle Marketing Message] The universe’s funny sense of humor OR its elegant system


Hello & Happy Monday!

Today I have a personal message to share with you in my Miracle Marketing Message: both in audio and in the article below.

I didn’t start out sharing my personal story in this week’s Miracle Marketing Message… as I started writing, I was going to talk more about how business is such a personal growth journey. Anything that isn’t truly anchored in truth, in alignment with your values, and your deepest destiny will start vibrating for you to pay attention… and if you don’t listen, it will get louder!

Today, I share my emotional journey of this year. I knew in January that this being the year I turned 50 there would be big changes. I knew my personal life was screaming for attention that I had been ignoring… health-wise and relationship-wise. I didn’t know where it would lead me, but I made a commitment to pay attention and take aligned actions, not pushing, but committed and often bold.

I share more below… please let me know if this resonates with your own growth path in some way. We are all on a shared journey.


The universe’s funny sense of humor OR its elegant system

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Listen to: The universe’s funny sense of humor or its elegant system


The universe’s funny sense of humor OR its elegant system

Depends on how you look at it

Ahhh, the universe truly does have such a strange sense of humor. It seems to dish up the very thing you need to deal with in order to grow at this moment. Like… you have to start giving yourself more time to be creative instead having your nose to the work grindstone all the time – especially when you teach this. The added twist… this is especially true if you have decided to teach creativity or be more creative in your business… it’s surely to come up in your personal life too, not just in your business.

That has been my journey this year. The more I followed my calling to talk, do, and be about creativity in business, the more I got the call in my personal life to allow my creativity to blossom fully there, too.

Here’s the thing, though…

I was only allowing my deepest creative desires in my personal life to sprout, but then I’d panic and try to ignore them, shoving them back into the earth… maybe if I pulled them up, I wouldn’t have to admit they were there!

It’s hard to share this… it’s the shadow of being a Creative Goddess. I was so trusting the energy in my business to flourish, to point the way… toward a new way of being in business with feminine energies of intuitive, creative expression, abundance, trust and flow, and a healthy dose of aligned actions and commitment.

But, oh, as I allowed and trusted the flow in my business, my personal life started vibrating at a VERY, VERY loud level. Kind of like in those movies about rocket ships hitting the outer layer of atmosphere around the earth, and they start breaking up and falling apart… that’s how it has been in my personal life.

Over the last couple of years, it’s been vibrating too loudly, consistently and firmly… and the more I didn’t listen, the louder the vibration got.

I knew deep down that I couldn’t sometimes be a Creative Goddess… being it in my business, but not living it fully in my life.

Finally, this summer I took a bold action and let go of my marriage. It needed to be released so that each of us could attend to those loud vibrations of what life was calling each of us toward.

It’s been a huge decision and commitment, and, of course, it’s been a very emotional journey. And yet, the freedom to be who I need to be is greater than the painful path I have been walking.

So, the universe does truly deliver what you focus on and where your vibrations align. I can honestly say every time I grow another inch in my business, it requires me to grow in my personal self as well.

I certainly don’t mean to say that your relationship has to go. Plenty of people have walked their own personal growth paths together with one another. For us, though, we needed to space to attend to what was calling each of us next.

I hope sharing this message offers some validation or maybe even some solace for some of you who are on a big growth path right now. Remember, you don’t have to do it alone… call in your success support system as you need to: your friends, coaches, family, and angels around you as you take these big steps to align your life and your business with who you are really called to be.

This week, just take a few minutes to think about who it is you are called to be, both in the local sense and also in the bigger global purpose sense. It’s a good time to journal and capture your visions and feelings. Feel free to leave a comment below and let me know where you are on your journey. We can all support each other in different ways and help the entry into our bigger selves happen with more love, peace, compassion, and confidence.



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