[Miracle Marketing Message] The Control Dance – Shift that Control Drama


All across the United States (and probably the world), kids have been going back to school. Here in the south, school started a couple of weeks ago. In the northeast, where Dawn my Business Manager lives, school starts this week. From kindergarten to grad school, it’s time to go back to school!

What that means is lots of shifting…. shifting from summer energy and activities to fall energy and routines. Even if you don’t have school-aged kids (or grandkids), you probably feel that change a comin’.

And the best way to shift is to let yourself into the flow. If you try to control the shift, then you’ll just create resistance. If you think you can control the shift, well…. maybe not so much.

Listen to this week’s Miracle Marketing Message on “The Control Dance – Shift that Control Drama” to help you get into the flow!

Have a great week!


The Control Dance – Shift that Control Drama

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Listen to: The Control Dance – Shift that Control Drama


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