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I know you. You have a big vision. You want to change lives and inspire people in a big way. You want to reach many more people than you are reaching now and make great money to fund your dreams and the dreams of others.

Sometimes that big vision can seem so huge that it’s daunting. That very same vision that can be so inspiring can also create overwhelm, a feeling of helplessness and confusion about which way to go to make these big things happen.

To get lift-off for your vision, there are four key steps that can help you to start living your vision now.

The first, and the most important step to make your vision real, is to stop holding your vision out there and bring it inside of you.

Stop saying, “One day…”

Start saying, “Today.”

One of the attendees (and a dear friend) at the Pink Coattails Retreat that I co-led with Ellen Britt was Carol Huntington. She has a big vision. She is the Founder of Global Hearts and is starting a foundation to create an orphanage, school, and a voluntourism (volunteer plus adventure tour) in Kenya. She sees this spreading to other parts of the world.

Pretty big vision, right?

Last fall she held the vision “out there”… like “One day I am going to do this.” At the retreat she totally stepped into her vision and owned it.

Everything shifted.

Now, she wasn’t “going to start” a foundation. She IS the Founder of Global Hearts. Even though the foundation wasn’t 100% official, she owned that she is creating it now. She is living that vision now.

The second step to creating your vision is to break your vision down into smaller manageable chunks.

For Carol, she created a manageable first step: to fund the high school education for 5 Kenyan girls. The cost is $1000 year or $20,000 total. It was manageable, and while it still took her breath away a bit, it wasn’t so large that she couldn’t see how it would happen.

The third step is to take courageous baby steps of inspired action – every day.

I just attended a Networking for a Cause event dedicated to raising money for Global Hearts and these 5 girls. Carol is speaking her big vision and taking action on the smaller steps.

The fourth step to creating your vision is to align your life with your big vision and setting yourself up for the success. This takes a lot of trust, vulnerability and belief in your vision. Carol is selling her house and moving to New Mexico where she has family and a support system. She is designing her life for the freedom of the adventure travel trips she leads and the trips she is planning on taking to Africa as she leads Global Hearts into reality.

The more Carol owned her vision synchronicities started happening. People are introducing her to the right next people who have experience with foundations, orphanages, and fundraising events. Opportunities to speak about her vision and raise money for these girls are appearing – seemingly out of the blue. Every next conversation leads to another perfect connection.

It’s almost like magic.

And Carol’s energy and confidence has grown tremendously! The more she lives her vision right now – the more it’s unfolding!

This week take some time to write, mindmap, or speak your vision. Connect to it and make it real. Ask yourself, “What needs to shift for me to live this vision right now? What small actions can I take from the place of ‘I am creating this vision now?'”

(If you want to find out more about Carol’s big vision and Global Hearts, you can go to facebook.com/GlobalHeartsCo.)


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