[Miracle Marketing Message] Is your Free Gift boring or buzz-worthy?


Listen to: Is your Free Gift boring or buzz-worthy?

It’s time to take a look at your Free Gift. Or if you don’t have at least one you’ll want to create a Free Gift to entice people to sign up for your newsletter or future updates from you.

If you already have a free gift now is the time to discover if it’s really working for you. Does it reflect your latest message? Is it what your Creative Inspirational Leader self wants to most share? When someone sees it online – is it irresistible?

What makes it an Irresistible Free Gift? You want your free gift to be soooo exciting, interesting, fascinating that someone who comes to your web page can’t help but want it. This is the place to showcase your creativity, practical goodness or an inspirational heart-opening message. So much so that when someone gets a glimpse from reading an article, a blog post, a visit to your website or even a FB ad they can’t help but say I GOTTA HAVE that!!

Here are some qualities:

-Does your free gift answer the #1 question you get all the time from members of your tribe?

-Is it full of practical advice, expertise and resources that they can put to use right now?

-Is it so creative, unique and different that someone will sign up just to see what you are doing? Because your market loves unique and creative?

-Is it beautiful and they can’t resist?

-Is it just so inspiring and connected to their passion and dreams that they feel they have met a kindred spirit?

Use these questions and to look at your free gift and do a check in.

It doesn’t have to meet all of the questions but you’ll want to include at least one and preferably two! This will make the difference between having a free gift and having a free gift that is irresistible and truly helps you build your list and community of like-minded members and gives value.

What ideas are popping for you now in creating or upgrading your free gift?


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