[Miracle Marketing Message] Following your creative urges!


I am still recovering from three weeks of fun travel adventures! All of them had creativity and art involved.

You know, three years ago I couldn’t have imagined this wonderful place I am at now with my life and business. Who knew I’d be incorporating art into my business coaching, and that it could be this fun, playful, and at the same time, stretching creative spirits around the world? (And mine too!)

Speaking of stretching my creative spirit… last week I was in Toronto at Laura Hollick’s studio as part of a group of Soul Artists. We created larger-than-life Soul Art maps in her studio in front of 12 hours of livestream broadcasting. It was truly an immersion into nourishing my soul and stretching my creative spirit. You can see the colors, messages, and soul-infusion from the pictures.

How are you nourishing your soul, nurturing your passion, and stretching your creative spirit?

I’d love to talk with you about how I could support you in this exciting journey! One easy way is to work together over a short period of time. We can work together over the summer months to claim your creative message and leadership and put them into your very own Passion Project! Interested? Just send me an email and we’ll talk!

Meanwhile, enjoy this Miracle Marketing Message about following those creative urges and being willing to let go of what you think your business should look like and embrace what it wants to be!

In creative flow,


Following your creative urges!

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