[Miracle Marketing Message] Dare To Be Fabulous!


Happy Monday!

Here in Atlanta we have typical summer weather: hot, humid, chance of thunderstorms. The weather is deep into summer mode, and I am, too!

I just spent the weekend at a two-day scrapbooking convention where I art journaled and did some scrapbooking. I learned some new techniques and met some amazing women! In fact, many of them loved my art journal approach, and they want me to teach a local art journaling class. So, in typical Joyful Business style, I started an email sign up list! You never know where the opportunities will show up to support your passions!

And today I’m off to do things with my 17-year old: doctor appointments and a college tour (yikes!). In between, it’s an interesting mix between creating, planning, relaxing, doing, relaxing again…

Summer is a great time to nourish your creative dreams and be gentle with your beautiful soul!

In that vein, this week’s Miracle Marketing Message is about daring to be fabulous… letting the fabulous person that is you out into the world more!

Enjoy being fabulous!

Dare To Be Fabulous!

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Listen to: Dare To Be Fabulous!


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