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Audacious is an interesting word, isn’t it?

Very brisk and bold sounding. It has several meanings including: extremely original, without restriction to prior ideas and highly inventive. I love those!

It also means: bold in defiance of convention. This really speaks to me. Audacious means being daring enough to do things YOUR way…not someone else’s idea of success, or how you should run your business…but your way…defying the norm, refusing the shackles and not only NOT being in the box…but burning the box!

That is what a lifestyle entrepreneur does. They forgo 9-5 routines and nose-to-the-grindstone mantles in favor of flexibility and freedom.

It doesn’t mean that you don’t work hard sometimes…it means you love what you do, you take a stand for it and you allow the success YOUR way!

I hear a lot of feedback from my friends, family and colleagues…wow, what an amazing business you have where clients fly in from all over the world to see you and you lead retreats at beautiful oceanfront houses. How lucky are you!


Nope. It’s not luck, goddess sister. It’s by design.

When thinking about designing a retreat I can go to the place of I “should” have it at a hotel by the Atlanta airport so it’s easy for my clients to fly in. Visions of boring and brown hotel rooms with no windows come to mind.

Or…I can be audacious and fly in the face of convention and design what makes my heart sing (and the hearts of my clients) and choose to have a retreat by the ocean…not just by the ocean, ON the oceanfront.

Beautiful. Inspiring. Audacious.

So as you are planning your next program, retreat or product, ask yourself, what would be the audacious thing to do…not just because it’s provocative, but because it lights me up?

And you know…if it lights you up…you’ll be more likely to be excited about it and share it! (pssst – that’s what marketing is all about!)


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