[Miracle Marketing Message] Be creative with purpose, flair and boldness!


Listen to: Be creative with purpose, flair and boldness!


What gets YOU riled up in your business? You know that thing that you read or hear that sends you into a rant, a tirade or a passionate stand?

For me, it’s when I hear. “I’m not creative. I’m so not creative. I’m not creative like you are.”

I get so upset because it’s so not true. And yet, it’s something many of us believe.

You say, I’m not creative because I can’t draw like an artist. Heck, I put out a lot of info doodles but I can’t draw like an artist either.

Being an artist or an artistic genius is different than being creative.


Let me repeat this in case you didn’t hear me or maybe you didn’t let it sink in.

This time…I want you to try it on…let it come into your being and feel what it feels like… You ARE Already Creative.

Breathe it in. Look for evidence that you have already created and have been creative today. You got dressed. Whatever you put on…you created an appearance (even yoga pants and a t-shirt is creating a comfortable outfit to work in), you ate breakfast (or didn’t)…what experience did you create for breakfast? A healthy smoothie, a big display of your culinary talents, or did you go out like I did to a café and purposely create your environment and feeding your inspiration?

That’s being creative.

The difference between being unconsciously creative or being purposefully creative is the different between having a life and business well lived or just letting things happen to you.

Being creative in your life and your business without intention or with intention can make all the difference in how creative you feel about yourself too.

Intentionally adding a fun accessory to your outfit or purposely wearing your favorite color shifts your energy. It makes you feel good, right? THAT is intentional creativity.

So…let me repeat. You are already creative.

You are creating with every moment – with every word. You are creating a relationship, with every thought – you are creating your mindset, with every action – you are creating your experience.

For this week…I want you to practice being creative with intention! Break out of your unconscious creative habits and create with purpose, flair, boldness! Create breakfast in a way that feels good to you. Add an accessory to your day that feels good. What pen are you writing with? Does it feel good to write with it…find one that does…that’s intentional creation.

Let the feel good energy of being intentionally creative run over into your business. Intentionally create an experience when you right your next newsletter or article.

Let me know how it goes – I love to hear your stories… either post in the comments below or put a post on Facebook and tag me on it!


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