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You Are An Artist.

You create your life. You create your business.

Every day.

In every moment.

This is why I know you are creative. Because you are creating everything around you right now.

As the artist of your life, you create the outfit you have on right now… whether it’s comfy and cozy, creative casual, projecting a professional presence, or something that’s fun and quirky.

Look around you at your office space. You create your environment.
Is it colorful and energizing? Is it calm? Is it organized? Does it work for you and make you happy? Or are you on default and not paying attention?

You also create your thoughts. Are they empowering thoughts that help connect you to your confidence, your courage, and take action? Or are they pulling down into that Vortex of Doubt?

As an artist in your business, you create emails, newsletters, and videos.

You create a presence on social media by how you show up, how you respond, what you LIKE, share and comment on – you are the artist of your social media presence.

You create an experience for your clients when they work with you, in workshops, trainings, retreats, and even through your products.

I am creating an experience for you and with you right now.

You create.

Whether it’s intentional or not… you are creating.

In every moment you are co-creating with everything around you. With your circumstances, the people around you, and the opportunities that pop up in your life and business.

Owning your Creative Power is when you acknowledge and consciously work with the idea that you are co-creating with everything around you. Realizing that in every moment you have an impact and you have a choice.

That can be very empowering, if you let it.

So, starting right now…

…What are you creating in this moment?

Is it moving you closer to your vision? Or is it moving you away from what you truly want?


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