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Have you heard that saying, “What got you there won’t get you to where you want to go”?

It is so incredibly true.

As you grow, expand, and take your business into new directions, what you have been doing got you here, which is great, but it will definitely take new habits, new systems, or even taking the current things you are doing, to a whole new level of deeper commitment.

One of my amazing clients, Margie Beiswanger of TransformYourBrilliance.com, has shifted her business to one that she is absolutely passionate about. That passion and clarity has helped her to attract an opportunity to become president of her local coaching chapter. In our coaching, we talked about how this level of visibility and the growth that will certainly occur for her, personally and professionally, is going to take a deeper commitment to her physical energy. And that making an even bigger commitment to a healthy lifestyle is what it’s going to take to handle the growth, keep it fun, keep her passion alive, and sustain the energy it takes to take on this wonderful opportunity.

I have noticed that every time I am expanding to a new level in my biz, something in my personal life has to shift as well. Paying attention to your 5 Foundational Energies: physical, environmental, emotional, mental, and spiritual is what is needed.

It’s so easy and common to want to focus on the new marketing strategy that you need to learn or master into order to expand.

Yes, that may be true, AND it’s also true that you need to look personally first and see what needs to shift to open up and sustain your energy.

Do you want to step in and own your Creative Thought Leadership? Start meditating, journaling, and adding ways of going deeper in your life to mirror the going deeper into your business message.

This week I want you to think about those new year’s goals and intentions and then determine what is it that you need to shift, do more of, or let go of in order for those to come into your life and business.

I’d love to hear your thoughts! Feel free to leave your comments below!


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