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If you’ve been reading my articles or been in any of my programs, you know I love Infusion Words.

Infusion Words are 3 words or phrases that you choose to inform the energy of your project, program or even your year ahead.

I use them as a talisman of sorts.

They are my go-to energy infusions – especially as we start the new year.

For 2015 my Infusion Words are Prosperous Expansion, Creative Wealth, Audacious Joy.

These are more than mere words. They are energetic threads that run through my body and ignite my creative spirit when I read them or say them aloud. I literally tingle with goose bumps when I speak them.

They add meaning to my journey… the reminders of where I have been and mostly definitely where I want to go.

They are my touchstones to remind me and to anchor me that I can consciously co-create with the universe, and I have the creative power to infuse my year with these energies.

I refer to my Infusion Words throughout the year… I use them to gain access to my inner wisdom. For example, when I am making a decision, I think about my words, and I ask myself how does this decision expand or push away those energies?

What are your Infusion Words for 2015? I’d love to hear them if you are willing to share. You can comment below!

Cheers to you and your creative power!


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