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This is the time of year when we have big plans, big ideas, and big dreams for the way we want our life and our business to be.

I find that we tend to have a wave of excited energy wash over us at this time of year.

And then… the winter energy settles in. Calling us into hibernation. Enticing us to cuddle up with those dreams and maybe take a nap with them!

But wait a minute! I thought I wanted to get big things done!

It’s ok. It’s the natural rhythm of life.

Fresh burst of new year energy. Then hibernation and enfolding nurturing of winter, which gets us ready for the sprouting in the spring.

So what do we do when we want to get things done and feel good? There is a trick to working with your natural energies and not letting yourself fall into complacency and habit.

When you want to go nap, ask yourself: is it because you want to cozy up and nurture your body, or are you avoiding taking the next step in your big dream?

The only right answer is one that speaks to you deep from within, and the one that truly nurtures your creative soul.

Is it saying no to the nap so you can say yes to updating your website and stepping out in a bigger & more powerful way?

Is it saying no to frenetic energy when you really want to stop to listen to a meditation for a few minutes so you can get grounded again?

Is it saying no to the delicious leftover holiday cheeses and treats and yes to some nourishing food, so you can yes to thinking clearly and feeling good in your body?

Is it time to say no to sitting at your computer for hours on end to “get stuff done” and yes to getting up and taking frequent breaks so that your body doesn’t stiffen and feels good?

When you say no to one thing, it opens up time and energy for something else… for your yes!

Again, there’s no one right answer here. One person’s no is another person’s yes.

It is about listening to your own inner wisdom and trusting the message you receive.

It’s listening to that voice that tells you what you really need to do to nurture your creative spirit!

It’s the voice that feels deliciously good when you do what it says!

So this week, make a sticky note to remind yourself: Stop. Ask. Listen. What do I want to say “No” to so I can say “YES!”?


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