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I am so in love with the women in my Courageous Creativity in Business Mastermind group. The journey they have been on over the last year is truly breathtaking.

They showed up to the very first retreat-by-the-sea last year, each standing firmly in her own story. The stories were varied: one knew it was time for that second business to happen. In additional to her full time career as a successful voice-over artist, she knew her online business was ready to be birthed – right now! She was ready to push to make it happen!

Another successful coach had lost her way, forgotten where she put her passion, but knew it was here somewhere and was determined to find it!

Yet another member of this group, an artist, who was frenetically trying to juggle all things perfectly at home and with her business dream, was suffering terribly from physical symptoms from trying to contain all that stress.

At first glance, it would seem they were all hugely committed. And that is what it takes, right?

Yes, it does.

It also takes a huge amount of letting go.

That takes the most courage of all.

Letting go of pushing, and instead trusting. Letting go of having to figure it out and instead getting curious. Courageously shifting from believing everyone else comes first- all the time – to I come first too. I matter.

The surprise transformation for everyone was about loving yourself and accepting yourself so deeply and completely that you stop struggling against yourself.

And that is when the magic happens.

Absolute clarity comes whooshing in!

Fresh passion. Renewed energy. Deep trust.


Projects move forward with greater ease.

Amazing opportunities come your way. New clients just show up.

Acknowledgment from your peers and fans.

Creative collaborations that surprise you and are so in alignment with your vision that you didn’t even think to dream about it!

And did I mention a creative fire is rekindled deep within and moves you into action with ease and grace? While there are still stumbles, doubts and down moments, you trust and you know how to take care of your mind, body, and spirit, so you move through with less effort and more flow.

This is the magical power of a transformational mastermind.

It’s about so much more than marketing strategies and business systems. That’s all needed but it’s not really the full picture of what will get you to your dream and help you to enjoy the trip along the way.

The mastermind journey is about being brave enough to tell a new story and actually believe it inside and out.


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