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Do you get excited about planning for the next year?

I know some of you love the planning process, maybe even get lost in it. And some of you just don’t like planning at all!

Here are a few tips for all types to make it a more successful and creative process.

1. Make it fun and beautiful.

Forget any images of hunkering down to plan. The feel of that is very constrictive, and so your ideas will be small and like you are in a box. Instead, gather beautiful supplies like colorful sticky notes, markers, favorite pens, and calendars. This signals that you are going to create! You are expansive, full of abundance, joy, and play. (It’s amazing how this helps shift your energy when planning, really!)

2. Get out of your office.

I am a huge believer that your environment influences your ideas and your Flowmentum™. Take your supplies and your ideas to a place that is inspiring and where the energy is flowing – like a café, a beautiful hotel lobby, a weekend cabin, or even move to another room in your home. Most of all, get away from your office and your computer!

3. Nourish your creative spirit.

Make sure you have plenty of water, snacks, and some light background music at the ready. Embracing your ideas and deciding which ones to say yes to, which ones to let go of, and which ones to let rest until their time takes a lot of physical, mental, and even emotional energy. Stay hydrated! Water keeps your energy nourished and moving.

4. Celebrate; then plan.

Before you dive into those juicy ideas, take a few moments to review the last year and celebrate. Acknowledge your wins, your successes, your big decisions, what you let go of, and what you embraced that took courage. You’ll be amazed at the joyflow of the year, and it will fill you with confidence for planning the new year.

Remember, what you are developing in your creative business plan is going to be loved, nurtured, used, reused, redone, and tweaked all throughout the year. This creative plan can be your guide throughout the year to help keep you from being lost, overwhelmed and in doubt. It will be your north star each and every day.


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