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With two boys who have been really big into sports, especially soccer, roller hockey, and basketball, I have come to learn the power of the rebound shot.

I’m not a big one for sports metaphors, so if you are like me, you might need a little explanation. You see, there is a golden opportunity when you go for the goal and you miss… right there is that moment when the ball or the puck comes zinging back into the playing field (maybe the goalie knocked it out of the way, or it hit the goalpost or backboard)… in that moment when you can go for the goal again.

If you are in the right place to receive the rebound zooming back out at you and use that power to make another shot.

Well, the same thing applies in business trends and new marketing strategies.

One of the hot new marketing strategies for up-and-coming creative thought leaders is to host a podcast. Everyone is getting on the bandwagon to create a podcast because all the new phones and new cars are including podcast technology as a part of their audio systems. So, listening to podcasts will become part of our everyday way of learning. Kinda like how NPR radio was for many people back in the day, except podcasts are being created for every type of topic, interest, and type of person.

Creating a podcast and keeping your interest in it and keeping it going is a pretty big time commitment. You have to be in it for the long term and keep consistent.

Now the Rebound Strategy is that because there are so many podcasts starting up, all these podcast hosts are going to be desperately looking for speakers to interview.

You could have an entire marketing strategy based on being interviewed on podcasts. No special equipment to buy and learn. No coordinating interviews with lots of people, editing, creating logos. Just let other people promote you!

Now, you need a couple of things in place for this strategy to really be successful. First, It’s going to work best when you are clear and consistent about your core message. Maybe you have a signature book, Kindle book, or signature program built around your core message. Use that as a signature talk, and then search for podcasts who are reaching your ideal market.

The second thing you want to have in place is a call to action. It’s not enough to just have a great talk and be on a lot of shows and get some visibility. Make it easy for people to take the next step with you: offer a free report, ebook, assessment, or poster with additional information.

Then they get onto your list and you have the opportunity to nurture that relationship into a ready client.

I’d love to hear what you think about the rebound strategy of being a podcast speaker. Maybe you even want to create a podcast tour for your new book or message! Let me know your thoughts in an email, Facebook group, or on the blog comments below.

And, remember, if a strategy comes along that you aren’t sure matches your goals, time, or energy, then look for the rebound opportunity it creates. This is creative business thinking!


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