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As content creator, you are constantly having to own your expertise. You have to be a Creative Inspirational Leader for your industry and community… even on the days when you don’t feel much like a leader or an expert. Let’s face it – it happens to us all.

So what do you do when you are feeling down? I’m going to share with you
6 Lifesavers For When You Forgotten Your Brilliance and You Need to Remember!

You’re sitting at your computer and you are getting ready to write. To create. Something amazing. And then wham… suddenly, you feel your stomach churn, your heart gets heavy, or your throat closes. Maybe you feel your head hurt… and suddenly you feel down… you love your connection to what you are all about. Maybe you’re second-guessing what you are doing, or you are doubting that anyone will care or even notice.

You’ve fallen into the Doubt Vortex.

You really need to write that blog post or article, create that draft, or write that sales page… and yet you’ve lost the connection you’re the part of you who knows you are a Creative Inspirational Leader in your area.

First of all, it’s normal. As your business grows, you keep taking more and more risks… you’ll keep hitting that Doubt Vortex because you are stretching beyond your comfort zone, beyond what you know. It’s part of being human and the creative process.

The thing is you want to know what to do when this happens.

You have the power to choose to shift your energy, change your thoughts, and get out of the down feeling before you get swallowed and lost for days or even weeks in the Doubt Vortex and you can’t get out!

Get out your marker or pen… you’re going to want to take notes so you can remember these when heading in a downward spiral.

Here are 6 things I do on those days when I forget my brilliance!

1. Call a LifeLine! Know which of your friends, colleagues, family or mastermind partner that you can call and be honest with. You can tell them that you’ve forgotten. “Remind me what I’m doing… who I am… what’s my message… can I really do this?” I have a colleague, and we’ll 911 each other on Facebook and that means we just need a brilliance boost! I need a mirror for a few minutes to remind me of just what the heck I’m doing all this work for!

2. Look at your Vision Board or create one if you don’t have one. Let it be a reminder of your BIG WHY, not just because of the things you want (which can be fun and motivating), but WHY you are doing this business. Why you choose to take a risk every day. Why you invite people into your space and ask them to hire you. You need to remember your gifts, your purpose, your bigger mission.

3. Open Your Love File. Hopefully you have one, or you definitely need to start one! It’s a file folder where you put cards, copies of emails, pictures of you and colleagues, even print outs of great tweets from people who love the work you do and who you are! Include pictures of you at events, copy of your graphics and website… all the stuff to remind you of your bigger game… and that there are so many people out there who are your champions!

4. Look at Your End-of-the-Year Success Map. At the end of each year, I create a simple map with stars that list all the things I accomplished, events I went to, trainings I took, money I made, great clients’ names, new products or programs I introduced. AND it lists WHO I was being that year: Creative, Visible, Speaker, Great Mom Moment – or something I helped one of my sons through, or a hardship I survived. Reviewing your year-end successes from the years will remind you of how creatively powerful you really are!

5. Journaling is another great tool to shift your energy and intentionally claim the thoughts you want to hold on to. When you are trying to write or create something – but all this mind chatter is in the way – journaling can help you move through it and shift your energy. Here’s a great quick exercise: When I’m having doubts or feel down, I’ll take a piece of paper, and draw a line down the middle. On one side I go to town… write all the downer things, frustrations, doubts, whatever… all the way down the page. Then for each one listed, I go over to the right-hand side and write something that is one step better in higher thinking. So, if I write, “I’m feeling like everyone else is more successful than me.” On the right-hand side… “And I got a new client this week.” Or “I’m on my way. Things are shifting.” Or I’ll write how I got invited to speak somewhere.

6. Move – sometimes you just gotta move the physical energy in your body. I think that each of your negative and unempowering thoughts has a slow heavy energy, and when you go for a walk, run, bike, swim, whatever works for you – even dance for 5 minutes – you shift your physical energy running through you. And feeling that higher, lighter energy attracts higher vibrational, optimistic, and positive thoughts! Just shake that doubt right out of you!!!

Whenever you feel that low heavy energy, stuckness, or doubtful thoughts coming on, know you have the power to shift them!

Let me know how these work for you… make a comment on Facebook or leave a comment below!


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