[Miracle Marketing Message] 24-Hour JoyFlow Sighting Challenge


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Today I want to issue you a 24-hour challenge.

Actually it’s called the 24-hour JoyFlow Sighting Challenge.

I want you to commit to the next 24 hours of looking for where the good is in your life and in your business.

Be on the lookout for where the joy is flowing.

  • Did you get a smile at the checkout counter?
  • Does the sun feel warm and nourishing on your face?
  • Did you get a ka-ching in your business?
  • Did you make a new connection that has you excited about what you are up to?

For 24 solid hours, watch for the goodness in life. Watch for signs that you matter. Synchronicities and golden moments that remind you that you are surrounded by beauty, love, abundance, possibilities, and opportunities!

There are three keys for this to be successful for you:

  1. Write down your JoyFlow Sightings.
  2. Be open. (JoyFlow looks different than you might expect.)
  3. Keep it alive for 24 hours.

Remind yourself all day that you are watching for the JoyFlow. Share it with your your family, friends, and clients so they can help too.

If something shows up you don’t like or that is frustrating or makes you angry… take a deep breath and let it go… just for 24 hours. You can get upset tomorrow if you still want to, but for one 24-hour period in your life see all the magic, hope, and goodness.

When you practice using this optimistic lens, it will shift your energy to one of expansive heart energy, and I’m willing to bet you’ll experience more possibilities of good things happening in your life and business.

Just try it. Like an experiment. See what happens!

And let me know… I love to hear your stories!


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