[Miracle Marketing Message] 15 Minutes to the Flow Zone


Are you feeling it?

It’s your intuition speaking. It’s calling you. Calling you to follow your energy, trust your passion, and listen to your gut, your heart and your head.

It’s not always easy. It can be like pulling up to one of those four-way stops, and you and three other cars all arrive at the same time… Two cars start to go and then stop, and one tries to go and stops. And then there’s always that one car that gets fed up and zooms on through!

Listening to that deeper message that wants to emerge from your soul can be like that… your head starts getting in the way and wants to move forward. But your soul inches forward, too. You aren’t sure who gets to lead.

I find that I have to give way to my inner voice first. And then listen to the messages from my head. But precedence goes to my inner voice… because if I don’t, it won’t work out anyway. So I might as well listen in and trust my inner guidance first. At least then whatever decision I make I will be aligned with.

This is my overall guiding message for myself: I have to be aligned.

If you want to immerse more into this message of inner guidance and outer actions, I have a couple of resources for you.

First, is today’s Miracle Marketing Message – 15 Minutes to Flow. Listen and enjoy!

Second, is my free teleclass next week, Discover Your Passion Project. We will focus on listening to your inner guidance to make decisions about a project – that you are aligned with! I hope you’ll join us!

Wishing you much creative success,

15 Minutes to the Flow Zone

Here is your Miracle Marketing Message audio. This audio is designed to help you start your week with inspiration, reflection, positive intention and some smart marketing ideas!

Listen to: 15 Minutes to the Flow Zone


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