{Miracle Marketing} Friction & Flow

Welcome to a fresh new week!

Last week was full of expansion opportunities – new trainings, speaking on summits and shows and a fun and inspiring webinar about card decks(read more below for some awesome ideas for your biz).

This week is a big coaching week for private clients and my Creating from Flow program.

I’m so fortunate to love what I do and who I work with! Do you feel like that in your business? That is definitely a sign of a Joyful Business.

Please enjoy the inspiration and creative sparks in this week’s Miracle Marketing newsletter!

I hope you have a beautiful whole-hearted, creative and successful week!

Last week I hosted a webinar about Creating your own Card Decks with Rosie Battista. It was a super popular topic. So many of my clients have “creating a card deck” in their business vision!

One of the things I loved about the class was all the great ways you can use your own card deck to attract, grow and nurture your Soul Tribe. I’ve been talking a lot with my clients about who is in your Soul Tribe and this very topic.

I thought I would share 9 ways to grow your business with your own card deck!

  1. Sell Your Card Deck
    Ok, the most obvious one! Create your own inspirational, creative card deck and sell it on Amazon, Etsy, your own website and back-of-the-room –as we start getting back to in person events.

  2. Give Your Card Deck to Clients
    Give your special card deck to new clients as a welcome gift for working with you. It’s a great way to share your “movement” with new clients and showcase your work in a creative way. Plus, what a great way to reinforce their decision to work with you!

  3. Use in Your Client Meetings
    I love to pull a card at the beginning of a client coaching call to change up the usual check in. It shakes things up and always takes the conversation and connection into a deeper place. Great fodder for coaching!

  4. Use them in Trainings, Retreats and Workshops
    This is such an easy, creative way to integrate your tools into your work! You can use them in breakout sessions, to open a retreat or for deeper work. It reinforces your credibility…and they will want to buy your card deck after using them!

  5. Pull a message at a Virtual Pop Up Meeting
    I spread out my cards and show them on zoom and have someone pick a card virtually! It’s a fun way to add a creative spark and generate a deeper connection while networking. We’ve all been to the same ‘ol boring networking meetings – this is a great way to spice it up!

  6. Create a Certification Program around How to Use Your Card Deck
    I loved this idea from the webinar! Go beyond just a card deck sales – teach others how to use your card deck with their clients and enroll them in a bigger program!

  7. Card Deck + Journal
    Why not create a companion journal to go with the card deck so they can write down their messages and reflect more fully in their journal? It’s a great way to take your work deeper and make more sales!

  8. Pull a Message From Your Deck on Video
    Wondering what to talk about on video? Pull a card on each video and relate that card to a message about your work. Fun and easy! (plus they’ll want your card deck!)

  9. Your Signature Program = Card Deck content!
    I love the idea of creating a card deck around your signature work. Are you a money coach? Create a money deck. Have a program about creating content, increasing your creativity, networking, mindset? Create a card with the work you already have!

I can’t wait to hear what ideas come up for you and see your new card deck! I know I am seriously playing with two new deck ideas. I created a JoyShift deck over 10 years ago and now it’s time to create a new one.

If you have ideas that are bubbling up but you’re wondering what to do about it or how to get your deck done – check out Rosie’s webinar for ideas and definitely check out her course. She gives you everything you need!

Joyful Business Show

Welcome to my interview with Ken Mossman of Cirrus Coaching!

As part of the Joyful Business Show, I’m interviewing my clients and other Joyful Business owners to hear how they are rippling out their meaningful work.

As I mentioned last week, I have a not-so-secret dream – that all the men in the world could take Ken Mossman’s IAM (Integrated Adult Man) program. Ken is a long time friend, colleague and client who is an amazing coach, leader, writer and podcast host of the show Mojo for the Modern Man.

Watch or listen to my interview as he talks about his defining moment when he knew it was time to move forward with his movement. He also shares more about this important work he is bringing into the world with men and how this impacts the internal shifts that are necessary. We also get into what it takes to let your voice be heard through committing to a newsletter and a podcast. It’s not for the faint of heart and it’s clear it’s so much fun to hear how Ken is in his Beautiful Brilliance!!

Check out this episode of the Joyful Business Show!


Let’s Create Your Own Card Deck!

Now that you are all revved up about creating your own Card Deck here are two ways I can help!

1. You can still watch the REPLAY of the Card Deck webinar today!

2. You can also join in on Rosie’s special Create your Own Card Deck program – you save big $$ when you join TODAY and I’m giving you a special Unlock your Creativity workshop as a bonus! Sign up here to get learn how to create your own Card Deck and get the support you need every step of the way!

Opportunities to Create & Grow with Laura


Connect & Create video series with Corrina Sephora
I am a guest on Corrina Sephora’s Connect & Create. You can listen in to get inspired as I share my favorite ways to open up your creativity in business! Listen in here.

March 12-14, March 19-21
Florida Creativity Conference

I’m presenting for a 3rd time at this conference – this time virtually! I’ll be talking about “Discovering your Creative Passion Project.” There’s all types of sessions to help you learn how to access your creativity, stretch your imagination and use creative in solving problems. I look forward to seeing you there! Sign up to attend conference here!

March 15-19
Next Level Secrets for a 6 Figure Business Summit 
with Stephanie Treasure
I’m a guest on Stephanie’s summit this month along with 21 Influencers sharing strategies and mindset for doing business at a higher level and making a bigger impact. I’ll be talking about “Attracting your Soul Tribe and the Conscious Marketing Approach.” Details for free summit here.

Wednesday, March 17
Joyful Business Studio – Liberation & Inspiration Monthly Call
Boost Your Inspiration, Creativity and Take Inspired Action + Group Coaching
Want to shift your energy, boost your creativity, get unstuck and grow your business the Joyful Business way? Only available through the Studio monthly membership here. A highly affordable, creativity + practical monthly membership. Go ahead and jump on in! I’d love to have you!

March 22 – 26
Keep On Going! Marketing, Money and Mojo Summit with Marie Fratoni
I’ll be talking about Discovering your Soul Voice and Unlocking Your Power Within. More details coming soon!

Friday, March 26
Get It Done Day! Virtual Retreat
Get Stuff done that matters – together!
Only available through the Studio monthly membership hereA highly affordable, creativity + practical monthly membership where you get quarterly Get it Done Days! Let’s get stuff done that matters – together!

Tuesday, March 30
Free Your Creativity

Special workshop for clients only. I love giving surprise opportunities!


Creating from Flow

This is a special six month program for Creative Transformational Leaders (that’s YOU) You’ll create a Passion Project to expand your business while cultivating Flow in your life and business. Group coaching, Sangha Circle masterminds, Soul Work Happy Hours, Flow Immersions and more!

Doors opening soon for the 2nd Creating from Flow program. Watch for details.

Email me if you are curious and want to be on the wait list!


Coach and Profit Gift Giveaway
Details coming soon! I’m creating something wonderful for you and your business for this giveaway!

PS: Client Love from Julie Boyer of Julie Boyer Coaching, Author of Just Give Me Meaningful Work, Escape Your Exhausting Job And Start Making A Difference.

When I started coaching with Laura, I was overworking and under-earning. But gradually over the course of several months, Laura helped me turn that around. I watched my business steadily grow, while my approach to my business grew more trusting, responsible and grounded. Now, I’m in a whole different place as I work with her to more boldly bring my whole self, and my vision, to my work with clients.

Laura has a way of holding a much bigger energy and picture for my business than I did at first. In our sessions, I could bring practical issues and come wanting a to-do list, and leave with those things, but also with a healthier and ultimately more sustainable mindset. She’s always keeping an eye on the energy I’m bringing to something, and that is so helpful. My approach to my work has become more more welcoming of health, leisure time, and other aspects of my personal life, and these things are feeding into the energy and presence I bring to clients.

What I also value highly is Laura’s years of experience. When I want practical advice, she has guidance, and it’s coming from a real and trustworthy place. It saves me so much time and hassle. I know I can trust where she points me. As a result of her pointing I’ve had way more successful experiences with public speaking and podcasts that I otherwise would have, for example. I’ve also significantly improved my enrollment conversations with clients. Best of all, I’ve become clearer and clearer about what my mission really is, which has made my work so deeply rewarding.

If you’re thinking about working with Laura, know that she can meet you on a deeply personal level as well as a practical one. She will listen for your purpose and for what you’re truly capable of, and she has a gift for truly seeing you (this I find priceless). She may hold a bigger vision for you than you can even see right now, and her gentle way is to invite you into that vision with ease and groundedness.