{Miracle Marketing} Bittersweet celebrations, compassion and Soul Tribes

Welcome to a fresh new week!

Tomorrow will be one year when my mom passed. I know as many of you have gone through or are going through shifts with your parents and can relate to missing your mom. While she didn’t always understand me and my passionate dreams, and certainty didn’t get what I do (can you relate?), I always knew she loved me. She was always there for me to call and share, even if she didn’t really get all my adventures, travels and why these women pay me to do a retreat. (xo)

I know she is still with me but in a different way. It’s more about just feeling her everlasting love.

I also remember at the memorial service at my parent’s home last year, we were whispering about this “virus thing” and is it something to be concerned about.

Who knew what was coming?

I left Atlanta early last summer and moved in with my Dad while he’s finding his new footing in life…just for a few months. Now, almost a year later I’m still in this tiny country town (by a big beautiful lake, thankfully). We’re learning so much about each other in this new adult to adult relationship. It’s been amazingly easier than I expected and comforting during all the uncertainty and stress this year.

Interesting enough, my oldest son, Nick is starting a new job as an engineer today! (proud mama moment) He moved this weekend from Atlanta to Huntsville, AL. He’ll be there on a big construction project for a data server building for Facebook. It’s so bittersweet – I’m crazy excited for him embarking on his next chapter of adulthood and feel the tenderness of him leaving the nest in a bigger way.

I can also feel the finger grip I’ve had on living in Atlanta loosening even more. I’m dreaming and visualizing my move to the ocean…it’s getting closer.

This week, even though the calendar is full of amazing coaching calls, virtual retreats and heart-to-heart connections, I’m also conscious of practicing exquisite self care, and deep compassion.

The tears are leaking even as I write this.

Compassion is one of the tools every entrepreneur needs. It’s so tempting to ride hard, hustle…that’s what you’re supposed to do if you want to be successful, right?

There are times to work hard and there are times when compassion and self-nurturing are your best friends.

Where in your life or your business could you use some compassion?

What if you gave yourself some space, some love and some grace?

This week I am honoring my mom’s big loving heart (I know where I got it from!) and Nick’s creative intensity, optimism and fierce loyalty.

I hope you have a beautiful week filled with compassion, creative expression and amazing success!

Laura West, CPCC


When you feel good, it’s so much easier to do good! I totally believe that Joy is the #1 productivity tool!

What my amazing clients are up to!

Speaking of compassion and healing… Check out this free workshop on Wednesday, Feb 24, from my long time client and friend, George Herrick. You’ll want to be in his free workshop From Holes to Wholeness.

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He is the author of the new book Stone Warrior, Confronting life’s dark challenges with stone art and meditation. George is also an amazing coach, shaman and brilliant artist!

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Opportunities to Create & Grow with Laura


Monday, March 1
Special Bonus: Energy JAM workshop.
Heart of Coaching participants only.

Connect & Create video series with Corrina Sephora
I’ll be a guest on Corrina’s show and we’ll be talking all things about creativity in business. I’ll share the link soon so you can watch!

Wednesday, March 3
Joyful Business Studio – Monthly Workshop
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Thursday, March 4.
“Card Deck Training” Free Webinar
You know I’m a huge fan of card decks! I use them all the time in my coaching sessions and for client retreats! Join me with Rosie Battista, the Card Deck Queen, as she share how a card deck can help you share your message, get results with clients and add a lucrative income stream to your business.

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March 15-19
Six Figure Secrets Summit with Stephanie Treasure
I’m a guest on Stephanie’s summit this month. I’ll be talking about Attracting your Soul Tribe and my Conscious Marketing Approach. Details coming soon!

Wednesday, March 17
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PS: One of my client’s in the Creating From Flow mastermind said after our last virtual creative retreat

Laura, you are shining, in every way! Thank you from my heart for your leadership, your humanity, and your creativity this weekend! <3 <3 <3”

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