How Michele Uses the Joyful Business Plan

by Laura West

I wanted to pop into your world with a wonderful video that my client and longtime friend, Michele Roden, of BluOpal Consulting, just made!

A little background about Michele… we met back in our shopping center days. She became the display merchandiser for the shopping center where I was the marketing manager. We became fast friends… a billion years ago! Lol

Then we lost touch for about 10 years+. I moved to Chicago and moved away… this was before cell phones and Facebook!

Then one day I went to a workshop in Albany, NY, hosted by some members of the Coaches Training Institute and there she was! We BOTH were coaches and trained by the same company. I LOVE how that works!

We’ve been fast friends again since 2003. Three years ago, she became a client to help move forward her personal leadership and the growth of her company BluOpal. Her and her partner Bruce, have a successful company focused on leadership development, team coaching, strategic planning.

During one of Michele’s private creative business retreats I was impressed (and very, very happy) to see how she incorporates the Joyful Business Plan into her day.

She volunteered to make this video to show you what she does and how she uses it! (Quick 3 ½ minutes.)

I wanted to share this with you, so you see how REAL people use the Joyful Business Plan and how it helps them to have a place to capture ideas, keep focused and create an amazingly successful business!

If you want to use these creative worksheets and plan in your business… you can get immediate access to all of the easy and fun worksheets to get your creative ideas into the most amazing 2020 plan with the Joyful Business Plan!

Check out all the planning goodness here: Joyful Business Plan.

It’s easy…and dare I say…even fun to plan this way!

Make sure you get yours by Friday, December 20 and you’ll save $70!! Woohoo!!

This is a plan you’ll use all year long to guide you in focusing, making decisions and keeping track of your cool ideas!

Go here to get the details.

I can’t wait to see what you are up for this new launch to a fresh decade!

To Your Big Beautiful Amazing Success,

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