Message. Method. Mojo.

Discovering your Unique Beautiful Brilliance is like creating your own recipe for a special sauce.

Your Beautiful Brilliance includes your values, passions, fascinations, gifts of experiences, expertise, strengths, personality and your quirks – all mixed into a unique combination unlike anyone else.

I love digging into this with my clients on retreats. We go deep on excavating their Beautiful Brilliance from their jobs, businesses, and life experiences and challenges.

There’s always a big “aha”! When we take your Beautiful Brilliance, (your own special sauce) and overlay that with your Soul Tribe… it is such a powerful process!

You really start to understand what differentiates you from others who do similar work – you stand out with your style, approach and experience.

Also known as your Message, your Method and your Mojo.

Your Message: Your message can be pretty basic; I provide financial services. I help people make money. I check on your dog while you are on vacation.

When you bring your Beautiful Brilliance into your message, it lights it up in sparkling lights for the right people to find! And most of all, it’s what makes you different from working with someone else.

An insurance agent who provides financial services, changes to… someone who helps women take back their power around money and provide ways for them to have peace of mind about the future.

As a business coach, I’ve embraced a non-traditional approach to helping my clients make money in their business by using my creativity and sensitivity. I provide clients with creative tools, and strategies using mind maps, fun charts, and side door approaches along with deep mindset shifts so they grow their business in a way that seems natural and fun…and is more accessible and meaningful.

In what ways could your Unique Beautiful Brilliance contribute to your message?

Your Method: So often you are told you MUST do marketing a certain way. I remember years ago I was told that I needed to make 100 phone calls a week to fill my programs.

Whaat? I was ready to quit! That wasn’t for me. I’m good to stretch but even thinking about that was torture. Fortunately, I realized that I could lean into my Authentic Marketing Style to be successful.

Think about your method of marketing – what is obviously your preferred way to connect with people and opportunities? (Hint: Do more of that!)

When you look at your Unique Beautiful Brilliance – it’s easy to see your unique approach that works for you.

Do you love to talk and be in front of people? Speaking and videos might be your preferred way of marketing

If you love to research and write, then you might write a book or develop case studies. I love to write but I’m more conversational in tone and like waking people up with creative ideas. That’s what I do in my weekly newsletter. Use it to your advantage to be memorable and stand out.

Your Mojo: This is all about what is the experience you give people when they work with you. From your Unique Beautiful Brilliance you have developed a certain lens, or worldview. What is your unique perspective? Notice your patterns, differences, your passions that contribute to your unique way of approaching your work and the solutions you offer.

For me, I love to bring in intimacy and have rich, deep conversations and connections. That became a part of my Pop Up Success Café experience and it’s what you get in my Studio membership.

Your mojo is the experience of your brand, the different way that you bring your solutions into the world that is a bit (or hugely) different from others in your market.

Start looking at your own Beautiful Brilliance (or get a coach to help you) so you can develop your unique Message, Method and Mojo!

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