{Marketing Magic} What’s your Red Thread?

Hello & Happy Monday!

I have been slowly moving back in business mode after my big move. I have to admit that I have been so savoring decorating and buying fresh new things for my home. My youngest son took several key pieces of furniture last year to outfit his college house so I’ve been buying furniture and major décor.

So, this is the first time in decades where I get to ask the question – what do “I” want? It’s been such fun being in the abundance and creativity!

I’m also so in tune with how important your environment is to creating a place for you to flourish! Environmental Energy is one of the 7 Personal Energy Systems.

The creativity in my home is inspiring creativity in my business! I love how that happens. Creativity begets more creativity! My energy is in full on expansion mode!

I hope you enjoy today’s article about finding the Red Thread in your business. Taking the time to find your soul theme that has been with you throughout your whole life. This will help you align with your true voice and message.

For more inspiration check out my new YouTube Channel where I’m sharing easy, natural ways to find your voice and share your authentic self expression in your business.

Wishing you a week filled with big flow, easy expansion, and actions aligned with your soul!

What’s your Red Thread?

What to do? Which idea should I go with?

That was what my client was struggling with. Should she focus more on the art or more on the coaching aspect of her new business?

She SOOO wanted me to tell her what to do.

I get it. I could feel her pain and the pressure.

We love clarity. We just want to know what to do!

We really want to know the PERFECT answer.

Except… we don’t always like to hear the perfect answer. It often sets us off and makes us rebel!

So what is that about? When we want clarity and someone tells us which idea to follow, which strategy to focus on or what should be our message – why do we rebel and resist? We said we wanted the perfect answer…so what’s the deal?

It’s because we are asking the wrong question.

Stop asking for the perfect answer.

You need to let go of perfect.

There is no PERFECT one size fits all answer for the best marketing strategy or business idea. (yes, you can breathe a sigh of relief if you’ve been searching for it!)

The RIGHT answer is the answer that is aligned for your mind, heart and soul.

It will look different than someone else’s RIGHT answer.

For my client, we pulled our focus out so we could see the bigger landscape of her life path. We reviewed her Unique Beautiful Brilliance – talents, skills, strengths, experiences and passions that she has acquired along the journey of her life and careers.

Soon it became clear that what she was looking at were tools and bodies of work she had picked up along the way. The tools weren’t her message.

We started looking for her Red Thread. Or what I call your consistent Soul Theme that runs you, calls you to show up. It informs your every decision whether you are aware of it or not.

In ancient texts, they speak of the Red Thread as a soul connection with a person who you will meet in your life who holds a key to your life purpose. I believe the same works for experiences that happen along your journey in business. They are all connected even when you can’t see it yourself. They all are pulling you toward your soul purpose.

Your soul theme has you rebel against someone else’s “perfect” answer! Because it’s not YOUR aligned answer. It’s not the right fit for you. It’s not wrong, it’s just not yours.

My client’s Red Thread running through her life was around Living a Grand Creative Life Adventure! Researching her ancestry which led to getting married in Hungary. Writing for a publication that enabled her to travel and dive deep into new cities around the world. Creating nurturing and creative experiences for her family and friends. Plus…art, coaching, writing, creativity in all forms. A deep belief in possibilities!

Now we were getting somewhere!

She was lit up too!

Once she could let go of needing to have the PERFECT(!!) answer – and holding on tightly to that pass/fail mentality of having the PERFECT answer…everything started opening up. She was relieved, excited and she was back in FLOW!

It was never about the tools.

It was about looking for the Red Thread of her Soul Theme that is in alignment with her life path. It’s what connects these seemingly different experiences.

It’s now informing her business path and message.

How about you?

Write out your experiences throughout your life and careers/business. What talents, skills, experiences did you acquire along the way? What are the themes?

These are your Unique Beautiful Brilliance clues for your life’s work, your great work!

Are you ready to work with a business coach…who isn’t like any other business coach around?

Isn’t it time to let go of the internal pressure of hustling, grinding and trying to fit into someone else’s idea of what you SHOULD be doing to be successful.

Instead, imagine owning your own beautiful brilliance magic and being in total alignment of your energy, power and focus so that you are wide open to the field of possibilities.

As one client says…I’ve done a total 180! I love sharing my message now and find marketing is actually fun and rewarding!

Imagine your business where flow is a daily way of life rather than feeling that internal pressure to constantly be hustling for results.

From this place you are so much more potent and so much more is possible for you and your business…with ease and joy!

This is what’s possible when you clear your blocks and limiting beliefs…you create with the Universal Abundance Current supporting you. I know…that sounds pretty woo. Actually, it’s full on woo-woo! But it’s true and surprisingly practical. It’s what makes the practical stick.

If this sounds intriguing, let’s talk about you, your business and liberating your power, your creativity and your success! Just reply to this email and I’ll send you over a calendar link for us to talk.

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