{Marketing Magic} The 6 Business Energies

Hello Laura and Welcome to a Beautiful New Week!

I’m currently at the beach in Virginia visiting friends and family…and looking at the potential of moving back to my hometown for the next salty chapter of my life! I swear I was a mermaid in a former life…my whole body relaxes as soon as I feel or smell the salt air.

Meanwhile, I’m super excited to be leading a brand-new workshop for you on Wednesday called A Taste of Flow. You’ll get to experience the expansion energy that is possible as we liberate your power and creativity.

This is what will help you differentiate and grow your business! See below for how to get your free ticket!

Today’s article is about the six energies flowing (or not flowing) in your business. Paying attention to these energetic power fields can open up the expansion you’ve been yearning for.

Wishing you a week filled with flow, easy expansion, and actions aligned with your soul!

Pay attention to your 6 Business Energies for Greater Ease, Expansion, Flow…and Fun!

One of my favorite topics to teach about is your Personal Energy System. Paying attention and nurturing your energy makes all the difference in how you show up during the day, your creative productivity, your confidence, whether you dare to create meaningful work you love and your stick-to-it-tiveness.

As you read about these 6 energy systems, take a moment to check in and notice what’s working, what’s missing and what is calling for your attention.

Physical Energy

When you think of the physical energies of your business, it’s really about the self-care of your business. Is it being watered and fed properly?

This looks like having systems in place. When I first left corporate to start my coaching business, I rebelled against systems. I just wanted total freedom. I soon realized that the way I got that freedom was to have dependable systems I place to support the running and growth of my business.

Think about all the things you do in your business over and over again – from enrolling new clients, on-boarding them and writing and publishing a newsletter. Putting systems in place helps you create consistency and allows you to sleep peacefully knowing things are handled!

What about a self-care support team for your business? Working with a virtual assistant, web designer, editor, or bookkeeper can take the stress out of business and allow your business to grow faster.

Environmental Energy

Where is your business’s home? Do you have a beautiful or inspiring space, or are you spread all over the kitchen table with everyone hovering around you interrupting you? Do you allow yourself to hang pretty artwork, beautiful flowers and room for sticky note brainstorming?

What about the city you live in? Does it support a feeling of aliveness and a feeling of connection?

Take a look at your organization. Do your files, papers, supplies, technology have a place to be stored? Scattered energy creates scattered results! (I know this one for sure!)

Emotional Energy

Your business has an emotional energy system. What is yours like? Is it always stressed , anxious and under deadline? Is the energy of your business depressed and languishing?

Or is your business emotional temperature passionate and expanding with a joyful verve?

What is your emotional energy system trying to tell you? Does something need to be changed or expressed? How do you give your business loving-kindness?

Mental Energy

Do you have time and space to use express the creativity your business contains? Is it time to create packages, a new program or a signature system? How does your creativity, ideas and philosophy want to be expressed?

Money Energy

What the Money Energy in your business?

Is it flowing and expanding freely. Is it feeling constricted or perhaps feeling like a faucet turned off and stuck tight?

It’s common for Money Energy to feel like a rollercoaster ride…”Oh! This is scary…weeee…oh no, here we go again…weee.” It’s emotional exhausting to be in a rollercoaster feast and feminine with your money flow.

Are you able to access a feeling of abundance for clients, ideas, creativity, and money?

Spiritual Energy

Is your business connected to a deeper channel of wisdom? Do you allow plenty of time for reflection and deep listening. When you create from the place of Deep Listening to your clients and your inner wisdom – this is where all the best ideas for content, programs and posts come. This is when the wisdom comes for big decisions.


  1. How is being constricted in a particular Business Energy stopping the flow of expansion and success in your business?
  2. Which one Business Energy area can you focus on that would make a difference?
  3. Who could help you open up the flow of your Energy Systems? Consider hiring a coach to help get your Business Energies all flowing together to support your expansion.

Imagine embracing your intuition and inner wisdom in a deeper way for greater success in your life…and your business!

Yes, in your business!

You have a free ticket to come and join me in opening your channels of deep creativity, intuition and wisdom to support you in creating a business you love through and through!

One that is deeply aligned with your soul’s work.

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Client Love: Carolyn Jones, Holistic Institute of Wellness

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