{Marketing Magic} Scripting your wildly amazing business & life…

Happy Monday to you!

Sending you a warm hug to welcome you into this fresh new week!

Have you been able to get outside lately? I’ve been doing a lot of writing, creating, dreaming and zoom calls from the deck! We have been having an amazing warm, sunny gorgeous spring.

I’ve also been scripting like crazy!

I’m super excited to share with you how I go about Scripting. I’m starting to write a new chapter in my life book. This is how the next chapter comes to life!

This is a powerful tool in your toolbox! Scripting your amazing life and business will help open up new ideas, perspectives, possibilities and confidence!

I invite you set aside some time to dream, script and embody your new image of yourself!

In your wildly successful business script, are you leading retreats? It’s probably the most common dream in my client’s scripts.

So…What better way to get into the energy and start learning about how to lead retreats then to attend one yourself!

I’m leading my next Creative Business Retreat-by-the-Sea in October. It’s right on the oceanfront on the shores of Virginia – where the dolphins love to play! This will be a great place to rejuvenate and reinvent your business. You can find out the juicy details and hear the stories from the amazing women business owners here.

Wishing you a week filled with big flow, easy expansion, and actions aligned with your soul!

Scripting your Success!

Scripting is one of my favorite and most powerful practices!

Here’s my scripting process for creating my own wildly successful life and business. Yes, it’s about claiming what wildly successful looks like for you!

I tend to go in spells where I will script a lot. This is especially when my business and I are going through a growth spurt. That’s when I script every day.

Think of scripting as though you are writing a script for a movie of your life as it is unfolding right now.

You are literally giving the universe a script for your most amazing success. I guarantee it won’t necessarily unfold exactly like your script, but will lead you in the direction of growth and expansion! The universe is very creative!

Here are some ideas to get you started in creating your own script for your own wildly amazing business and life:

  1. You are describing your life as though you are writing about future self – right now. Be her (or him) now. She’s writing this!
  2. Let yourself dream and imagine. Your imagination is the paintbrush for you soul to flourish!

  3. Write it in the present tense. As though it’s happening right now.
  4. Write acknowledgements (accolades) for what you have already accomplished. Write it from a place of FEELING good about your creations, celebrations and successes.
  5. Add in what you are in the process of creating so that it feels active and alive. “Today I love that I get to….”
  6. Include creations for your business but also include what being successful has allowed you to do and be in your life. How is your business success impacting your life?
  7. Give it realness and depth by adding in how you are taking care of yourself – your health, self-care, energy and positive attitude.
  8. Make sure you include how you can easily afford help to support your wildly successful life and business. What does that look like for you? A chef, landscape help, a nanny, a virtual assistant team, a personal assistant, a coach, contractors who built your retreat center! Let yourself dream full out and align with what feels good!
  9. Have fun with it. Make it playful, real and engaging, rather than stiff and professional.
  10. Let it be over-the-top alive and full of feelings and emotions! You get to go all out with juicy descriptive feelings. (did I mention you get to have fun with this?!)

Here are some of my favorite scripting prompts:

(start with these prompts and let the images and words flow…)

  • I am so loving…
  • I am celebrating…
  • I am in wonder and awe of my life. I am appreciating…
  • I can’t believe how easily I…
  • I love the support I received from…
  • Today I love that I get to…
  • I am so appreciating the flow of money in my life. It’s allowing me to easily…
  • I see how I am truly supported by the universe. The most magical thing happened…
  • Isn’t it amazing how easily this idea came to life…
  • I know my unseen friends (guides, angels, god, universe) have been supporting me because…
  • I love the intuitive messages I’ve been receiving…

Bring in all aspects of your life and how everything in your life is supported when your business flourishes! Your relationships with family, friends and partner and how they are supported. Your health and vitality. Money, wealth, abundance and stewardship.

I like to get myself in the mood to dream, believe and create! Move your body or read something inspirational to open up the imagination.

You can write a long big juicy script and then throughout the week write little snippets about your day – as though it’s already amazingly successful! Allow yourself to write about “success” in a way that speaks to you – make it personal to what really, truly calls YOU!

This practice alone can change everything for you. It will open up new ideas, new levels of confidence and conviction and whole new perspectives about what’s possible for you. And then you can’t help but take new aligned actions as the universe supports your unfoldment.

Let me know how it goes! I love to hear how you are calling in your possibilities!

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I am a business owner who has chosen success!

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