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Happy July 4th holiday in the U.S.!

Wishing everyone more freedom in their lives and work!

Speaking of freedom…be sure to read today’s article about freeing yourself from those unconscious vows and stories we have running around in our heads about money. You may wonder why you don’t make the money you dream about, well, did you know you have all sorts of stories about money, being rich, and rich people?

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Wishing you a week filled with big flow, easy expansion, and actions aligned with your soul!

On being Filthy Rich and other Success-Crushing Money Beliefs

We were talking about houses on the oceanfront. “Yeah, well, those people must be filthy rich”, says my Dad.

“Are they really filthy?” I asked.

“Ok. They’re just rich. Really rich.”

We both laughed because we realized we were making them out to be big bad and dirty people because they had a lot of money. We knew it wasn’t true and was just a habitual way of talking about people with lots of money who live on the ocean.

What was really happening was a process of separation. Unconsciously, my Dad was pointing to “those people over there,” while putting them down and making us separate from them.

We all have a natural tendency to do this. We often will put people into a category that makes them different from us.

Earlier in my life I would have nodded right along.

We don’t even realize we do this process of isolating ourselves away from “those people over there who drive a certain car, live in a certain part of town or take luxury trips.” (insert your family favorite here)

It becomes a part of the family dynamics, those unspoken money beliefs about people who have more or less money than the family you grew up with.

As Margaret Lynch talks about in her book, Tapping into Wealth, all of us tend to commit to two money vows in our childhood.

The first is the unspoken vow about how these are things our family believes or our family does. It can show up like…we stay in hotel like these but not the fancy ones. Or our family is responsible and buys houses/cars like this.

They become these invisible boundaries that hold us in place. Our deep seeded need to belong to the tribe in order to survive is so ingrained that we don’t even realize that we will nod our head in agreement at the family stories. Money doesn’t grow on trees -one of our family favorites.

The second vow is an innate desire to rebel against the family mores and to break out of the situation you grew up with. What??? Yes, we have innate competing vows! We often see children who were the first in their family to go to college. I know I picked up a huge value around independence swearing to never be like my family in certain ways. It drove me for years.

The problem is both of these unconscious vows are running at the same time. One pushes us out of the nest and one keeps us firming intrenched so we don’t get kicked out!

Talk about confusing!

A classic example are the stories you hear about someone winning millions in the lottery and then they lose it all. There are also many stories about entrepreneurs making their millions and then losing it – you probably know some of them.

We all have an internal thermostat for the amount of money and lifestyle we are willing to receive. Even when we expand, our saboteurs will sneakily create a way to bring us back down to homeostasis.

Our saboteurs are creatively sneaky! They will create drama, crisises, demands on our time, or have us widdle away our time and energy on less important tasks instead of following through on our intention to get new clients, follow through on the marketing ideas and grow our business.

This can make it super frustrating to create more financial success! Well, no wonder this money thing can seem so hard!

It’s part of why you keep making the same amount of money as you did the last 3 years or you’ve never made over a certain magical number, and of course, the ever-classic, it’s why you haven’t made it to six-figures!

This is just one example of an unconscious money belief holding your hostage in your own business. (ugh! Don’t you just hate that?!)

It can be soul-crushing to work hard, create the programs, the marketing and put yourself out there and then the money doesn’t quite come to you like you see on your Vision Board.

I know as a soul-fed business owner money isn’t usually your #1 driver. In fact, in a survey I did with my community, money usually comes in 4th – 5th place behind: freedom, flexibility, meaningful work, and creative expression.

Just because it’s not your #1 value in your business doesn’t mean you don’t have needs, dreams and desires.

And, sometimes we use the idea that we are heart-centered and soul-guided to say it’s ok that you’re not making a ton o’money, because, you know, you’re all spiritual.

As though soul + money can’t belong in the same business!

Again, another unconscious money belief holding you back!

Here’s the thing… when you make more money, you have more freedom to make choices, you can create more safety, and invest in yourself, your family, your community, and your soul-fed business.

This week…play a game with yourself, your colleagues or even your family (if you dare!).

Notice when you say things or think thoughts about money that you take for granted. Write them down.

Creating awareness about these success-crushing beliefs is the first step to taking back your power around money.

And join us in the Joyful Business Studio this week to identify and shift some of those soul-crushing beliefs to open up your ability to receive more financial success!

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PS: Soul Nourishing Affirmation:

I am a woman/man who loves making money! I am a woman who delights in knowing my bills are handled and my dreams are funded! I am a woman who pays without worry!

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