{Marketing Magic} On Being a Ripple Maker

Welcome to Monday and an all new buffet of fresh possibilities!

I’ve just returned from an extra-long weekend. Meeting potential movers in Atlanta where all my belongings and furniture are stored (except what my youngest son charmed out of me for his college home). I also spent the weekend in Huntsville, Alabama where my eldest son, Nick is finding his way in the world with a job managing a big contract for Facebook server buildings.

Even in my travels I get up a little bit early to journal, connect and reflect. It’s a big part of what keeps me grounded and creating in alignment with my Souls Work.

Today I want to share a piece that came through me in a stream without me giving it conscious thought. It moves me when I read it and I thought it might move you too. It’s about being a Ripple Maker.

Have you been thinking that it’s time to get your Soul’s Work out into the world and change more lives (creating more ripples) while creating a soul-aligned business then let’s talk. I only have a few spots open for July and August and then I know it’s going to fill up fast for the fall. I’d love to talk to you about working together. Just reply to this email and let me know a bit about your business and I’ll send you a link to my calendar.

Be sure to check out the calendar of events below. There are some workshops coming in the Joyful Business Studio that will really WOW and support your business expansion!

Wishing you a week filled with big flow, easy expansion, and actions aligned with your soul!

On Being a Ripple Maker

As I was writing in a channeling process this piece flowed through me about being a Ripple Maker. I wanted to share in hope it would inspire you too…

I matter. My showing up matters. My work in the world matters. I can treat it as though it doesn’t matter or I can treat it as though I matters. What I create contributes and matters adds to the energy that is love and abundance and natural expansion and evolution and bigger growth of the world.

I matter. I make a difference. Sharing stories and ideas… who really knows how I have impacted a particular person and their life, their business and beyond. I may never really know or I may only see the tip of the ripple iceberg.

I’m thinking of an administrative assistant who was riding the train into the city each day for a job she no longer liked. She sat on the train ride home each day going through her Joyful Business Guide page by page making her business dream become a reality. That woman was Suzanne Evans. I impacted that one woman to believe in her dream and start taking action. She has gone on to teach 10’s of 1000’s about business and speaking. Whether her style speaks to you or not – there’s no denying that she has impacted a lot of people and helped create successful businesses throughout the world. I have impacted those businesses and people through the ripple effect of creating that daring creative product back in 2007.

I am a Ripple Maker. My clients have started businesses, podcasts, Facebook lives and YouTube channels. They lead retreats, create programs, products, card decks and workshops. They coach clients on money, health, home and even healing of the land. They teach and mentor about creativity, fine arts, spirituality and energy healing. They help clients find their personal revolution, create legacies, better their leadership style, find their joy and passion, and find love for themselves and others.

They help people love their bodies, their health, and love their spouse and their kids a little bit more each day. They help people embrace the feminine and redefine what it means to be a man in today’s world. They help people find and own their weirdness and find ways to write and talk about their differences and their common dreams and then share it with the bigger world.

I help people show up more authentically and more fully with their voice, passion and mission in their business and live it in their life. I help people show up through hard times, hard days, and stressful seasons. I help people have difficult conversations to make their life, family, neighborhood, business and work a better place to be.

I am a Ripple Maker. I may never know the far-ranging difference I truly make and I trust that I do.

I may never know who they went on to interact with in a new and difference way, or a different choice they made that day when they spoke to their son or daughter or the stranger who cut in front of them in line, and I know I matter and I made a difference today.

I’ve helped people find their depths of their courage. Find their voice and use it to attract clients, interviews, collaborations and find new energy to show up to live their manifesto today!

I’ll never know the true expansion of my ripple effect. Yet, I keep showing up.

I do know that I create a neighborhood where people in my soul tribe flourish. Where they can practice being their best most true self today and tomorrow. And get up again and choose again.

I’m human and can get all caught up in creating the right program and how to market it and all that goes with that and I also know deep in my soul…

If you’re reading this this, I know that you are a Ripple Maker too. Creating positive change in your world with intention it will ripple out to change more lives for the good.

Here are some soul-nourishing affirmations to remind you to keep showing up because you matter.

I am a woman who is using her gifts for good.

I am a woman creating a positive difference in her world with the gifts I have and the dreams I am living into.

I am a woman who doesn’t sit on the sidelines waiting for permission or for everything to be perfect. I am a woman who create ripples even when it’s messy.

I am a woman who creates a neighborhood for other ripple makers to flourish and that makes my heart happy, my soul dance and my future-self smile big!

I am a Ripple Maker making a difference each and every day.

More and more I trust that my work and my presence makes a difference.

I love feeling like I made a difference and I even when I don’t see evidence of my impact…I show up anyway.

Are you ready to work with a business coach…who isn’t like any other business coach around?

I’ve said YES to a big rebranding for my website and message.

My web designer wanted to see examples of similar types of coaches to me. I asked my private clients if they would share examples of other coaches who were doing similar work that I do with them. I wanted to be inspired!

What happened?


Finally one of my clients replied: Ha! The whole reason I hired you is because you aren’t like other business coaches!

Isn’t it time to let go of the internal pressure of hustling, grinding and trying to fit into someone else’s idea of what you SHOULD be doing to be successful.

Instead, imagine owning your own beautiful brilliance magic and being in total alignment of your energy, power and focus so that you are wide open to the field of possibilities.

As one client says…I’ve done a total 180! I love sharing my message now and find marketing is actually fun and rewarding!

Imagine your business where flow is a daily way of life rather than feeling that internal pressure to constantly be hustling for results.

From this place you are so much more potent and so much more is possible for you and your business…with ease and joy!

This is what’s possible when you clear your blocks and limiting beliefs…you create with the Universal Abundance Current supporting you. I know…that sounds pretty woo. Actually, it’s full on woo-woo! But it’s true and surprisingly practical. It’s what makes the practical stick.

If this sounds intriguing, let’s talk about you, your business and liberating your power, your creativity and your success! Just reply to this email and I’ll send you over a calendar link for us to talk.

Client Love: Tim Wise, Tight Lines Consulting & Coaching

Laura is a master of bringing out the best in yourself. The biggest gift Laura provided me was her ability to bring me back to my passions and desires over and over. Her ability to help me create the right resonance and framework for moving by business forward without all the struggle was a true blessing for me. Having been in a hard charging corporate environment for years, the realization that you can run your own business differently without all the stress and overwhelm was pure wisdom for me.

Laura was also instrumental in helping me tap into my creativity, by just being me, not bogged down by the “right” way of doing things, but inspired by your authentic self. I loved working with Laura and came to a new understanding of what it means to own and operate a business based on my personal passions and desires.

Opportunities to Connect, Create & Grow with Laura


Wednesday, July 7
Joyful Business Studio – Monthly Workshop: Let’s Shift those Limiting Money Beliefs!

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Wednesday, August 4
Joyful Business Studio – Monthly Workshop: Let’s Create your Content Strategy to Attract Your Best Clients Ever!

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August 10 – 13
Laura’s Next Chapter – Big Move to the Ocean!


Wednesday, September 1
Joyful Business Studio – Monthly Workshop: Dare to be Seen – Naturally increasing your capacity to be seen and found as a highly success expert in your field!

Join us for this hands on workshop filled with ideas for increasing your visibility AND how to expand your capacity to be willing to be seen as an expert in your field. Included with your membership in the Joyful Business Studio!

Friday, September 10
Joyful Business Studio: Get Stuff Done That Matters – Virtual Retreat

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New Group Mastermind & Coaching Program
This summer I’m in dialoging with my business about a brand new program. (yes – dialoging with your business is a thing! A very powerful process actually, which you’ll learn in this high level program.). I’m journaling, mind mapping and planning a new mastermind and group coaching program for you for this fall. More to come…think Flow + Healing + Living Your Manifesto!

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PS: Soul Nourishing Affirmation:

More and more I am standing in my power and sharing my message proudly and magnetically!