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Welcome to another Magical Monday!

I love Mondays…it’s the beginning of a fresh new week full of possibilities, rich conversations, deep transformational coaching, creative expressive and expansion energy.

Do you feel this way too?

If NO – let’s talk! You are too valuable and have amazing work that needs to get out into the world and we can’t let the “dreads” stop you.

If YES, let’s definitely talk! Let’s ride that expansive wave together…imagine what’s possible when you keep your energy aligned with your personal energy system, your soul’s desire and create and expand from deep inner wisdom. You don’t have to do this alone!

See below….for how to contact me to talk about upcoming private coaching and mastermind opportunities.

Ok, that was a lot of enthusiasm for the opening to a newsletter! That’s because I am feeling so aligned and expansive. It’s all about connecting, allowing, and receiving the enthusiasm, passion and joy of showing up fully alive in my business and life.

Last week+ I did a road trip down to and around Georgia. It was part of filling my well of connection, joy and passion.

I got to spend the weekend with my son, Sam, at his college and meet his fraternity brothers. They have two amazing houses many of them live in…think…big old Georgia colonial houses, redone for 8 – 15 young men, complete with big windows, hard wood floors, hand painted bedsheet signs on the walls from their special events and loads of couches everywhere for impromptu gatherings.

His fraternity is known for being a bit more serious and focusing on leadership. Yes, they have their fair share of fun for sure!

I was so impressed with his friends and how much they obviously cared about Sam and meeting his mom. In walking by Sam. they would stop and say hi to Sam and then want to meet his mom. They were present and intentional. (and it made my heart leap with faith in the younger generation!)

What really hit me was how much they are a community that leans into each other. Each young man has his own Beautiful Brilliance. They know who to ask for help and support. I know these are lifelong friends and the friendships will continue to be supportive throughout Sam’s life.

It’s exactly what we need in our business. Deep connections with supportive business owners who are champions for each other. Someone who gets you and the entrepreneurial journey you have chosen.

That is one of the reasons why I decided to create my new Radiance mastermind.

It’s more important than ever to have a “nest” of like-minded soul-led business owners where you can lean into each other. Expanding, growing and creating your business, being visible, allowing your Radiance to shine brightly so you are seen and attract the clients and opportunities to you. This is not a journey to do alone.

The details are coming soon for Radiance…I’m giving first options for this intimate high-level group to my current clients and then I’ll share more. If you’d like to get on the waitlist for details…you can do that here.

In this week’s article I talk about how to shift your relationship to marketing. Marketing isn’t something you do TO people….it’s something you do FOR people. What IF you treated your marketing as a force for good? What IF your marketing alone changed people’s lives? What if they naturally wanted more? Read below for more…

Wishing you a week filled with abundant creativity, focus, rich connections and imperfect actions aligned with your soul!

Non-marketing Marketing

What would be possible if you shifted your relationship and perspective about marketing?

Instead of thinking about marketing as a necessary dread you have to do to get clients or a manipulative thing you do TO someone…

What if your marketing is something you do FOR for Soul Tribe?

Feel what that would be like for a moment…

The most powerful marketing is sharing something that engages. Engages = educates, makes the reader/listener/viewer think bigger, shifts a perspective, has them stop and wake up, makes them laugh, and share.

They experience you in some bite-size way…and they want more! (like a great show on Netflix!)

Yes, they want MORE marketing from you, not less! (imagine that for a moment!)

You know it’s possible.

Think of that person you ran across on a podcast, in a book or at an event that piqued your interest. You went to their website, got their free eBook, listened to their podcast and then listened to 3 more! You checked them out on Facebook and then went to their website to get more.

I had that happen with a poet/coach on Insight Timer, the meditation app. I listened to a 2 minute poem. Two minutes.

I was intrigued. I loved her voice, her perspective, her depth.

I immediately wanted more. I listened to more of her poems and meditations on the app.

Then I went to her website. I got her free journal and more meditations/poems.

I followed her on Instagram.

I bought a short course.

This is non-marketing marketing.

It’s what I hold for myself in my own marketing. Sometimes I’m successful and right on…and other times I’m a work in progress.

To me…your marketing is part of your Soul Work.

You don’t want to separate them.

It’s not about doing your Soul Work (your medicine, changing lives, being authentic) and then shifting into a different identity to market.

What IF you marketed using your Soul Work?

Sharing your medicine, caring about people and letting it show in your marketing?

Educating, getting people to think beyond what they are told is the common path, (Seth Godin is a great example of this, right?), wake up their creative power, help them in some way by giving them great information, share a story to illustrate the empathy you have with their situation, make them laugh, dream and want to take action!

Redefine marketing as something creative you do FOR people!

Keep imagining what would be different for you and for your members of your Soul Tribe!

Are you ready to step into your Soul Work?

Let’s set up a time to talk about how you can get your Soul Work out into the world in a bigger way that feels natural, authentic and even fun! Together we’ll access your deeper voice, leadership and creativity…while shifting those blocks that are getting in the way of you growing your beautifully successful business.

(Beautifully successful in ALL ways – meaningful, impactful, financial)

I’d love to talk with you about liberating your true voice, intuition, energy alignment, creativity, along with the practical doing stuff that gets you engaged with your Soul Tribe.

Just reply to this email and we’ll find a time to talk!

Opportunities to Connect, Create & Grow with Laura


Writing Your Reality Workshop
Monday, November 28
3pm ET – 75 minutes

This is a power practice! I’ll lead you through scripting your beautiful life and amazingly successful business! This is a hands-on – fun, insightful, transformational workshop – I am so excited about you joining us! Sign up here!


Joyful Business Studio
This month’s workshop: Part 2 – Take Back Your Financial Power
Wednesday, December 1
Join me and other supportive like-soul committed entrepreneurs for this month’s workshop in the Joyful Business Studio. Last month we dove into two powerful mindset money practices. This month we’ll focus on the practical aspects of what it looks like to be a good steward of your money! It’s all part of the monthly membership program! Want to join us? Details here!

Watch for the 2022 Joyful Business Plan!
Coming your way so you can capture your creative ideas, create a soul-led marketing plan and planners galore to help you align your day with your dream and take aligned action to make that dream a reality!

December 5 and 6
Private Client Retreat – 
Virginia Beach

December 17 – Save the date!
Joyful Business Planning Retreat

Details coming soon!

Starting January 28…details coming soon!
*New* Radiance Mastermind & Coaching Program

The details are shaping up and I’ll be announcing it more fully soon. This is a high level community of passionate entrepreneurs who are ready to take their Soul Work to a new level. It’s not business as usual…the hustle & grind and marketing strategies of old don’t work for us.

Welcome to the new, soul-refreshing aligned way to liberate your voice, share your Soul Work, make wonderful money with conscious energy and wisdom! More to come…think Flow + Healing + Energy Alignment + Living Your Manifesto!

Would you like to be on the waitlist to find out more? I’ll be talking with each potential member personally to see if this is the right program and community for you for your 2022 growth and support. Sign up here so you will be the first to know about this new program.

PS: Soul Nourishing Affirmation:

I am a soul-led entrepreneur who finds marketing surprisingly fun!

More and More I am a money magnet.

I love feeling free abundant and generous!

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