{Marketing Magic} Letting Go to Move Forward

Welcome to a fresh new week and month!

Can you believe it’s April already? It feels like 2021 drank a Red Bull as the calendar is speeds along. Actually, while the calendar zips along, it feels like the rest of us are like horses waiting to run the derby…so close to freedom!

Can you feel that expansion energy calling you too? That desire to be free, to be at choice to go where you want, when you want and how you want…or not.

I’m feeling it for sure. I’ve been living in a small town with my Dad since my mom passed early last year. I thought it was going to be for the summer and well, again, the calendar is zipping by! It’s been incredibly special to spend this time with my dad and I can feel the call.

The next chapter of my life is calling to be written.

My Future Self – she definitely lives the Salt Life, near the ocean, around water. I’ve planned a visit to my home town of Virginia Beach to check out what’s possible and see how it would feel to come back creating anew. I have a couple of other places in mind I want to check out but that place still has a strong pull for me.

What I know is that to move forward you have to let go of where you are now. To write the new chapter, you have to finish this chapter and be satisfied with it so you can move into a new world of possibilities.

Today’s message is about letting go to move forward.

I hope you enjoy and that it inspires you to let go and start a new chapter in your business or your life!

May you have a beautiful, and creative week of much ripple making success!

Letting Go To Move Forward

You can’t move forward while hanging onto the side.

We know this logically, right? It’s physically impossible to walk forward without leaving the spot where you were standing.

And yet, when it comes to making big decisions, saying yes to big Passion Projects – we can forget this. We try to stretch into the new thing, while having a death grip on where we are at…waiting for that guarantee that we will succeed in the new project before we let go.

There is no guarantee.

There is no guarantee that it will work out. That you’ll be happier. That you’ll be successful.

There is a risk and we have to find that deep inner well of courage to loosen the grip.

You have a vision, for that new business, new program or big life adventure but you can’t always see the whole path for how to get there. Rarely will you see each step to take along the way before you take them.

Not until you take a step forward will the next stepping stone become clear.

Last week I was working with a client during his Creative Business Retreat. He has a successful consulting business in an area where he has decades of expertise. But he’s not feeling alive, engaged, and certainly not like the adventurous self he knows is inside of him bursting to get out.

He has been holding onto a dream of a coaching and retreat business for leaders for a few years. He wants to take men into the wild for a fly fishing adventure accompanied by reflection, real conversation while creating an experience where they can figure out what’s missing in their own lives so they can feel fully alive again.

Visioning the new business venture is powerful, but it’s not enough to move you through the inertia.

Identifying what you need to let go of is an important part of the process of moving into the new.

Sometimes there are real pieces that you will let go.

I’m looking at moving to a place by the ocean. In reality, I am letting go of my Atlanta hometown where my kids grew up. I am moving further away from my two sons. That is reality.

The bigger part of letting go is identifying the stories we make up about the reality.

Like that my boys will forget me if I move further away. Or that I am somehow a “bad mom” for moving away. (Meanwhile, they are cheering me on and are excited to have a place by the water to visit!)

This applies to business, too.

If you want to write a book, then you have to let go of the old image you have of yourself as someone who plays within a certain playing field – not shining too brightly, you don’t have anything unique to say or who am I to write a book?

You have to let go of “I want to write a book” and step into “I am writing a book.” It sounds obvious and yet this identify shift is profound.

As you identify what you need to let go of then you can start feeding the expansion. This is where all the visioning, Energy JAMs, and taking baby steps comes into play.

What is your next Passion Project? What do you need to let go of to embrace this fully?

Then let’s start feeding the Expansion!

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