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I just have to share! Last week we finally got to celebrate my son Nick’s college graduation! The ceremony was pushed back to May due to the pandemic (he graduated in December). I’m so proud of him. He majored in Engineering with a minor in architecture (not the easiest of paths!).

We had a wonderful celebration together. I can’t wait to see where his journey takes him.

That is what happens for us all. Being curious about the path. Taking the next step in front of us even when we can’t see the whole vision.

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The last year+ has required a lot from us. Mostly it has caused us to get uber clear about what is most important. I’ve heard from many that it’s YOUR time to dedicate yourself to what is most important.

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I hope you enjoy today’s article. I wrote it in response to the widely passed around article about Languishing. I’ve heard several colleagues and clients say how they resonate with it. They aren’t quite at a place of Flourishing even though their life is (fortunately) going pretty well. Still, they feel like something is wrong.

For many, it’s not languishing as much as being in a natural cycle of being dormant (the potential is gathering inside, unseen). It’s a concept offered by one of my favorite authors, Austin Kleon. Read on as I share my thoughts and my antidotes!

Wishing you a week filled with big flow, easy expansion, and actions aligned with your soul!

Languishing, Flourishing or Dormant Potential

I love this article from Austin Kleon (author of many fun books like Steal Like An Artist). He was inspired by the article in NY Times about Languishing. I had so many clients and colleagues send that article to me, and yet, it didn’t quite fit what I was hearing from many of you.

As Austin shares, languishing is actually defined as failing to flourish. When you expect you SHOULD be flourishing, now that the pandemic is opening up, spring is here and it’s easier to get outside…it’s easy to feel this pressure that you SHOULD be flourishing.

I think that many of us are experiencing a form of PTSD after the pandemic. Ready to go and yet feeling a bit shy of truly getting out. I know many of you (and me) are questioning what you really want. You know you don’t actually want it to go back to the “normal” it was before the pandemic.

The cream has risen to the top of the milk bottle. What you really want in life and in your business (the cream) has made itself seen from all this down time.

And yet, maybe you aren’t quite ready to go ALL IN or you don’t know exactly what this means for you. You just know you want it to be different.

Austin Kleon gets it. He points to the idea that many people are actually experiencing feeling “dormant.”

Small things/desires are happening inside but you’re not yet seeing it on the outside. He points to natural rhythms in nature when it’s natural to have dormant periods.

Many of the people I talk to are in a period of wintering…where it looks dead, desolate, flat on the outside, but inside…things are churning, ideas are marinating, desires are stewing.

Here are some anti-dotes when you feel that you are in a place of dormant internal brewing:

  1. Extreme self-care – Whenever I’ve gone through big life shifts and feeling the stagnation or desire without the clarity, self-care is the first step. More water, massages, pedicures, nature and yes, keeping some of that isolation time in place!
  2. Small Passion Projects – What is a small project that gives you pleasure if you committed to it wholeheartedly? Set aside time to play or practice. Love to play the guitar, write a memoir, art journaling, golf, gardening? I have gotten fascinated with poetry over the winter and am giving myself daily time to just read or write one more thing around this fascination.
  3. Free the Chi – When I was leading 30 Day Passion Projects, (100’s have gone through that program) participants would commit to a project they wanted to do in the next 30 days. The vast majority would start their project by cleaning and clearing out the clutter. Clearing out space so something new can come in. The universe can support you if you’ve got loads of stuff blocking your energy flow.
  4. Find your Flow – There are three levels of Flow. The first level of flow is about Focused Flow. Find something that gives you pleasure and where you can lose yourself…and that pressure of performing. For me, I love the freedom of art journaling. I can lose track of time and feel no pressure to MAKE something. Sometimes it’s getting lost in a good series on Netflix. What’s yours?

I would love to hear what is going on for you. Are you languishing, flourishing or in a place of dormant potential?

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