{Marketing Magic} It’s ok.

Happy Monday and welcome to Marketing Magic!

Today’s message is about the messy, tangly journey of being a conscious entrepreneur. Knowing that you want to choose joy, abundance and expansion consciously and fully realizing and (mostly) accepting that the road has twists and turns.

You can only control your reaction and even that takes practice, right?!

I hope you enjoy and that it inspires you to embrace more compassion, acceptance and commitment to what you most want in your business!

May you have a beautiful, and creative week of much ripple making success!

It’s Ok

It’s ok to hold the polarity of contradictions in your business.

In fact, the better you get at being with seemingly opposite ideas and behaviors, the more you will be free to grow!

You can accept the fascinating complexity of beliefs, choices and actions while still choosing to be in your power.

Here’s to having compassion for these common polarities…(as you read them, feel into the reaction in your body. You may notice an expansion energy, commitment energy or a softening energy)

It’s ok to be passionate about your work.

It’s ok to be bored sometimes.

It’s ok to be inspired to make lots of money to fund your dreams.

It’s ok to not be motivated by money.

It’s ok to be hugely dedicated to your client’s success.

It’s ok to set boundaries around how much you give to your clients.

It’s ok to feel creative and inspired today.

It’s ok if tomorrow you’re not.

It’s ok that you can’t wait to get your message out into the world.

It’s ok that a part of you doesn’t want to leave your nest.

It’s ok if you are on fire with your mission.

It’s ok if you forget what your mission is from time to time.

It’s ok if you are open to the flow of an abundance of clients and opportunities.

It’s ok if you turned off the faucet to the flow of abundance and are trying to find the handle again.

It’s ok if your message is crystal clear, flowing out of you easily and with the perfect words.

It’s ok if today your message is hiding behind the gray clouds.

It’s ok to be consumed by the the creative flow.

It’s ok to take a break and fill your well.

It’s ok if you feel connected.

It’s ok if you sometimes feel alone…and maybe even like it.

It’s ok to be real, authentic and vulnerable with your message and your mission.

It’s ok if today you want to nurture your passion and keep it to yourself for a while.

It’s ok to believe in taking action toward your goals.

It’s ok to believe in magic and that the universe has your back.

It’s ok to stop and celebrate the messy, contradictory path of being a successful conscious entrepreneur!

Client Love: Michelle Goss, Coaching Transformation

Laura is part coach-whisperer, part miracle-worker, part greatness-inspirer, part rule-breaker!”


Laura West is a brilliant, loving, fun, inspiring creative and masterful business coach! My business partner and I hired Laura when launching a new direction for our work. I assumed that we would just need an “accountability partner” and maybe some help with strategic planning. Ha! Of course, we got that but so much more.

If you are a business-owner, you know that running a business is an emotional and spiritual journey as much as it is an intellectual and practical one. Laura has guided us through ALL aspects of this rich journey with such ease and flow. She is very intentional about the space she creates for her clients. Each time we work with Laura, I have the dual experience of relaxing fully into love and safety while also being called forth to meet opportunity and creative self-expression with courage and gusto. It is a joy and an honor to call Laura my coach!

Opportunities to Create & Grow with Laura


Wednesday, April 28
A Taste of Flow
Free workshop!
12noon ET, 2 hours
In this online workshop you will experience moving through the friction, unlocking your potential and allowing in flow to your business! You’ll see how your limiting stories keep you from having the success you want. It’s not about perfecting the super secret marketing strategy – it’s about shifting your energy so you can allow yourself to create from a place of deep wisdom, creativity and joy! Sign up coming soon!


Creating from Flow
We start May 10th!
This is a special five month program for Big Ripple Makers (that’s YOU)! The theme of this Flow program is about attracting and receiving abundance. You’ll create a Passion Project to expand your business while cultivating Flow to open up your intuition and deep creativity. Group coaching, Sangha Circle masterminds, Soul Work Happy Hours, Flow Immersions and more! Details coming soon!

Doors opening soon for the 2nd Creating from Flow program. Watch for details.

Email me if you are curious and want to be on the wait list!

Coach and Profit Gift Giveaway
Details coming soon! I’m creating something wonderful for you and your business for this giveaway!


Friday, June 18
Get It Done Day! Virtual Retreat

Get Stuff done that matters – together! Only available through the Studio monthly membership here. A highly affordable, creativity + practical monthly membership where you get quarterly Get it Done Days! Let’s get stuff done that matters – together!


October 20-23
Creative Retreat by-the-Sea
Virginia Beach, VA – oceanfront beach house

The Creative Business Retreat by-the-Sea is back! This will be a place to fill up your soul and spirit of you and your business! I already have half of the spots spoken for in this small intimate retreat. You can check out the details here.

If you are interested, let’s have a conversation and I’ll fill you in on the rest! Since it’s an intimate group setting, registration is only by interview to make sure this is a right fit for you and everyone participating. Read the information, bask in the photos and stories and then reach out and set up a conversation with me to talk retreat possibilities!

PS: Soul Nourishing Affirmation:

More and more I am creating from the Universal Abundance Current in my business and my life!

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