{Marketing Magic} Inside: your marketing idea journal

Happy Monday!

I’m curious…what does Marketing Magic mean to you?

I’ve re-committed to consistently publishing with my newsletter each week. My clients keep quoting the parts they like from that Marketing Magic email. So I renamed it to that very name!

So, what does Marketing Magic mean to you?

A flurry of new clients? Easy marketing? Someone doing it for you? Laughing while you hit record? I’d love to know! You can reply to this email and I just might talk about it in an upcoming edition.

Last week I talked about how to consistently create great content your soul tribe loves. I heard such great feedback about how helpful it was.

I’m going to take it one step further!

One of my suggestions is to use a Marketing Idea Journal.

A Marketing Idea Journal is one of the super useful creative worksheets I include in the Joyful Business Plan. I have decided to share that as a freebie with you today!

So, head on down to read the article about how to use the Marketing Idea Journal and you’ll see a link to print your own copy so you can start collecting Soul Tribe loving content ideas this week!

I hope this helps you to create amazing content . It’s quick and easy when you practice Deep Listening and capture the conversations.

May you have a beautiful, and creative week of much ripple making success!

How To Create a Marketing Idea Journal to Capture Perfect Content Ideas for your Soul Tribe

What should I write about? What should I talk about in my Facebook live?

I get those questions all the time from my clients. There’s something about sitting down in front of the computer that makes your mind go _____.

You actually have a goldmine of content ideas all around you!

Before I let you in on the location of this content treasure – you need a place to keep the ideas so you can come back to it every time you are ready to create.

Where are you going to keep your content ideasMake a decision right now. A word doc? Google drive? Evernote? In a journal?

It doesn’t matter where as long as you make a decision and consistently go to this place to capture content ideas to this content treasure trove.

I use a combo of Evernote (to write out more complex ideas) and I have a Marketing Idea Journal creative worksheet on my desk to capture the constant flow of content possibilities from my conversations.

Being a highly visual and kinesthetic person I like to have it right on my desk.

Throughout the day I make notes after calls, classes and conversations in my Marketing Idea Journal.

After coaching clients all day, I make a note at the end of the day about what topics came up during our calls.

What dreams did I consistently hear about?

Last week, I kept hearing about ideas from clients about creating their own card deck and matching journals – spurred on from the card deck webinar we did a few weeks ago.

Actually many of my clients talk about creating their own card deck – that’s why I invited an expert in so I could host a card deck creation webinar!

What challenges kept coming up for my clients over the last week?

I coached around being afraid of being too much, how to keep things simple and organized while expanding like crazy, and quite a few calls were about perfectionism.

What did they want brainstorming about?

A couple of clients are evolving their message and their Best Client Ever so we brainstormed to get clear on who their new BCE is now and where to find them.

Just from those three questions, I have a slew of possible topics to talk about on Facebook lives, create tips on social media or write about in upcoming newsletters.

You can also note resources, tips, and strategies that you recommend over and over again.

Rather than hoping I will remember those topics when it comes time to write or record, each day I review my day and makes notes on my Marketing Idea Journal. Then when I’m ready to create – wa-la! Magically curated topics that I know my Soul Tribe is interested in!

You also want to have an intentional content plan that includes your key messages for your movement, and creating content to support an upcoming launch, but we’ll dive into that in a future issue.

You can get your very own Marketing Idea Journal creative worksheet here to start collecting the perfect content ideas that you already know your clients want!

Download the Journal here!

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