{Marketing Magic} doubt vortex, lily pads and courage

Welcome to a fresh new week of possibilities! What are you creating this week?

I hope you are enjoying some outdoor time this summer. I’m enjoying starting my mornings by working on the deck before the southern sun has it’s way with us!

My creativity is in rhythm with the summer abundance flow. All the greenery, gorgeous flowers (the daylilies are poppin’ now!) and lots of savoring.

I’m excited to share that the Creative Business Retreat by-the-Sea is filled up! I experienced many synchronicities with this retreat. I kept seeing one of my clients already there. I even kept saying she was coming and we hadn’t even talked about it. I just saw her there so strongly. Needless to say she IS coming! That was just ONE of the magical ways people said yes to the retreat. (btw, you can get on the waitlist for the next retreat HERE!)

I love it when you can see the universe supporting you in flow!

And…sometimes it isn’t always like that. Read this week’s article to hear how I was caught in the Doubt Vortex for a few days last week and what I did to get out!

I hope it helps you to recognize when you’re caught in the Doubt Vortex and how to shift to a more resourceful place.

Wishing you a week filled with big flow, easy expansion, and actions aligned with your soul!

How to get out of the Doubt Vortex

Last week I was caught in the Doubt Vortex for a couple of days. Not in a big way but in a much more subtle way that was hard for me to realize.

Those of you who know enneagram, I am a 9 who can digress over to the unhealthy 6 and start worrying and ruminating. I don’t do it as much any more but it shows up when I’m making big moves.

And literally I am moving.

I’m planning my move to the ocean in August. I’m super excited about this next chapter in my life. And…I found myself unconsciously going into my old default energy of ruminating and worrying.

I was going through my week with these thoughts running underneath…What if the movers cost 5 figures? What if the movers don’t show and I have it all planned out. The moving company reviews are full of reviews about movers not showing! What if they steal stuff?

It was unconscious and yet powerful. I was caught in what I call the Doubt Vortex and as I was thinking about hiring a moving company. I started wondering…if they can move from storage unit and my dad’s house to my new house 4 states away and then to another storage unit. (logical mind, says of course they can! But, this isn’t a logical process)

Then friends start sharing their moving company woes.

I kept going deeper into the spiral in the Doubt Vortex. For me, it’s wasn’t a full blown anxiety attack, it was more subtle. And that underlying anxiety was casting shade on my day. A tightness in my stomach seemingly “for no reason.”

Yesterday I realized the cause of this unidentified angst.

That I was worrying about the unknown.

It was time to shift my energy.

It starts with recognizing the behavior and the belief with curiousity. For me it was…Oh…look at that! I’m in the Doubt Vortex with my concerns about the unknown… about hiring movers.

Step two is to acknowledge the impact it’s having on you. Wow. This sucks. It’s totally tainting my joy and making it hard to enjoy anything else. Its making me irritable and grumpy.

Step three is to bring in the Nurturing Parent – that part of you who can face reality with kindness. (Just say No to the Critical Parent who said I should already have this figured out – what’s wrong with me already!). My Nurturing Parent talks to me with compassion.

When I’m doing some brave act and taking a risk I compare it to crossing a pond. In order to get to the other side, you have to step on a lily pad. Only once you step on a lily pad will the next pad light up and it will be obvious which way you need to step to get across.

So my NP reminds me that I’m feeling anxious because I just don’t know the facts. I don’t know the process. Nothing is wrong. I just don’t know.

My Nurturing Parent reminds me that the antidote to all this anxiety is my courage and curiosity. To courageous step on the first Lily Pad – take one miro-action.

The next step will become clear and it will “light up! But only once I’ve moved forward.”

Today I’m courageously and curiously calling two moving companies to find out how it works and get an estimate. I am breathing easier already.

I’ve taken back my power. I can feel the energy loosening up and I’m feeling more resourceful.

In fact, I’m back to being excited about this next chapter in my life!

Questions for your Reflection Time:

  • How does the Doubt Vortex show up for you in your life and business?
  • Do you end up spending so much time ruminating and worrying in the Doubt Vortex that you never move forward with your big idea or dreams?
  • What is the price you pay for this?
  • What if you brought your Nurturing Parent into the discussion? What would she say to you right now?
  • What’s that first Lily Pad step you could courageously take?
  • Where could you be curious?

Let me know how your reflection questions go! I would love to hear about your process.

Are you ready to shift those limiting beliefs, align your energy and open up your Field of Potentiality for greater, richer, more sustainable success?

The core focus of our work together starts with alignment.

Imagine creating alignment of your energy, power and focus so that you are wide open to the field of possibilities and flow is a daily way of life, rather than feeling pressure to constantly be hustling for results.

From this place you are so much more potent and so much more is possible with ease and joy!

What’s possible when you clear your blocks and limiting beliefs…you create with the Universal Abundance Current supporting you. I know…that sounds pretty woo. Actually, it’s full on woo-woo! But it’s true and surprisingly practical. It’s what makes the practical stick.

You can believe in attraction principles but if you are still holding beliefs and energy that hold you back from speaking your message and passion fully, sharing your truth, being visible and actually making great money…then all the positive thinking won’t really work…or it’s working a very low level.

So much more is possible for you.

Believe me, I’m a huge Law of Attraction fan and have been for decades. I’ve always done well in my business….but I’ve also always had bigger dreams of changing more people’s lives and making an even bigger difference. Of making bigger money so I can fund my dreams of travel, a beautiful house by the water and knowing I’m going into retirement years (whatever THAT means) with loads of options instead of limited possibilities. The more I clear my disempowering beliefs, calm my nervous system and align my image of being a woman who lives by the water (for example)…well, that’s what I’m stepping into at the end of the summer!

The opportunities, the synchronicities, the ideas and the inner power and courage to create opens up!

If you are ready to immerse in shifting your field of energy – inside and out and creating the business and life of your dreams..let’s talk about working together!

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Together we can liberate your voice, power, and mission so you can grow a business that provides you the freedom you desire, meaningful work and the income to fund your dreams.

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