{Marketing Magic} Don’t die with your Passion Project still in you

Welcome to a fresh new week of possibilities!

I’ve been having fun taking pictures of all the gorgeous daylilies that are blooming in my dad’s yard this summer. It’s a great way to me to savor beauty, see nature anew and appreciate my dad’s passion projects.

Whenever I slow down and savor…I’m always amazed at how much opens up for me. My logical mind says…sit your butt down and write! My soul knows that it’s when I walk in nature, or take time to take pictures of the gorgeous day lilies or sit on the deck and dream…that I tap into the magic and wonder of ideas, clarity and soul whispers.

I hope you take some time (give yourself permission!) to play, dream, savor and create this summer!

Be sure to check out the calendar of events below. There are some workshops coming in the Joyful Business Studio that will really WOW and support your business expansion!

Wishing you a week filled with big flow, easy expansion, and actions aligned with your soul!

Don’t Die with your Passion Project still in you

Your Passion Project Matters

Every evening this week, I’ve been snuggled in my bed reading “The Missing Sister.” It’s the long awaited 7th and promised final in a book series by Lucinda Riley.

The fictional series centers around six sisters who were adopted by a loving, very wealthy, and mysterious man. They grew up in a beautiful loving place on a lake in Geneva, Switzerland. After the father mysteriously passes away, each sister was given the coordinates of the various places where he found them as babies. Each book is about a sister who goes to her homeland to figure out her parents and their history and there’s always there’s always the historical backstory of their journey in their part of the world (Australia, Scotland, Brazil, Ireland, etc.)

There’s also a through-line of the Greek mythology around the Seven Sisters, the Pleiades. Their father often referred to the idea that there is a missing seventh sister.

Over the last eight years I’ve been eagerly awaiting the story of the next sister building up to this promised 7th sister book where I’ll find out not only who the missing sister is but also who is the man behind the father and why did he adopt these particular girls from places around the world.

As I got closer to the end of the 7th book last week, (around 2am because I couldn’t wait!) I started realizing that there were only 30 pages left and there was no way that the whole story was going to be wrapped up.

Sure enough, I learned about the now found seventh sister but not about Pa Salt. (what they called their father)

At the end there was a note from the author where she shared how she knows she promised all would be revealed in this book but that she couldn’t possibly fit both stories in so there would indeed be an 8th book. She said she has been carrying this story of the father’s journey around with her for 8 years and she was looking forward to being able to share it fully. The next (and last) in the series will in August of 2022.

I was emotionally involved with these stories. I’ve been traveling around the world with them as their stories unfolded. I’ve suggested the Seven Sister series to friends who are looking for novel recommendations.

I was feeling disappointed by the non-ending (I want to know the deal with the dad!) and I was thinking…ok, I’ll wait over a year for the final story. I can be patient, grudgingly. And at least it doesn’t end and there will be another book.


I saw a link to the author’s website.

I was curious (why at 2am on a work night…?).

I went to her site and received a jolt…there was a note on the front page from Lucinda’s family (the author) that she had died just this week.

I was in shock.

I felt sad that this wonderful storyteller was no longer with us. I also felt grief that she may have died with this story inside her.

I felt robbed. She was only 55. Apparently, she struggled with cancer for the last four years. It wasn’t fair.

I was surprised at my depth of grief.

As I looked at her website and later her social media feeds, I could see how she impacted millions of people around the world with her stories and they too were grieving.

Of course, there was lots of speculation about the last story. Did she outline it? Will one of her adult children carry on for her? Her books are in some sort of production with a Hollywood collaboration. Who knows?

What I have been really present to since this series of surprises have unfolded is about how the time is now to take a step toward your Passion Project.

You never know what will happen tomorrow.

You never know who it will impact.

Don’t wait. Start today.

You never know where it will take you. You don’t know if you’ll finish it. You may impact one person’s life and it changes everything. Or you may impact millions. Or, it may be the ripple effect of impacting one person’s life and they go on to impact millions.

It doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you create projects that move you.

Take that first step today.

RIP: Lucinda Riley, my heart goes out to you and your family. Know that your stories of these strong, amazing women made a difference in my life.

Are you ready to work with a business coach…who isn’t like any other business coach around?

I’ve said YES to a big rebranding for my website and message.

My web designer wanted to see examples of similar types of coaches to me. I asked my private clients if they would share examples of other coaches who were doing similar work that I do with them. I wanted to be inspired!

What happened?


Finally one of my clients replied: Ha! The whole reason I hired you is because you aren’t like other business coaches!

Isn’t it time to let go of the internal pressure of hustling, grinding and trying to fit into someone else’s idea of what you SHOULD be doing to be successful.

Instead, imagine owning your own beautiful brilliance magic and being in total alignment of your energy, power and focus so that you are wide open to the field of possibilities.

As one client says…I’ve done a total 180! I love sharing my message now and find marketing is actually fun and rewarding!

Imagine your business where flow is a daily way of life rather than feeling that internal pressure to constantly be hustling for results.

From this place you are so much more potent and so much more is possible for you and your business…with ease and joy!

This is what’s possible when you clear your blocks and limiting beliefs…you create with the Universal Abundance Current supporting you. I know…that sounds pretty woo. Actually, it’s full on woo-woo! But it’s true and surprisingly practical. It’s what makes the practical stick.

If this sounds intriguing, let’s talk about you, your business and liberating your power, your creativity and your success! Just reply to this email and I’ll send you over a calendar link for us to talk.

Client Love: Justine Williams, communications director and leadership coach

When I started working with Laura, a part of me was secretly hoping she’d say I could build my business with referrals only, and that marketing myself was not a necessity! As a communications director and leadership coach, I was used to helping others shine; Laura helped me to see that expanding my own business required ME to step up in a different way.

Laura’s warm, creative approach allowed me to TRUST in the PROCESS. I’m now showing up in my business excited about “being found” and choosing to be visible! This powerful MINDSET shift has been amazing to me. As a result I’m bringing my creativity to the table and it’s been freeing and, well, surprisingly fun!

What also surprised me was how Laura blends her creative brilliance with her workshops and coaching. It simply, works. I had new aha’s about my own business vision and leadership as well as enriching connections with others. Oh, and on that note, the community that Laura attracts makes the work infectious!

Opportunities to Connect, Create & Grow with Laura


Wednesday, July 7
Joyful Business Studio – Monthly Workshop: Let’s Shift those Limiting Money Beliefs!

Join me as I take you on a deep dive healing journey of shifting your limiting beliefs around money, wealth and moving the needle for how much you will allow yourself to receive! Included with your membership in the Joyful Business Studio!


Wednesday, August 4
Joyful Business Studio – Monthly Workshop: Let’s Create your Content Strategy to Attract Your Best Clients Ever!

This month in the Joyful Business Studio we’ll dive into your Best Client Ever (BCE) and create a content plan designed to attract them to you and your business programs! Included with your membership in the Joyful Business Studio!

August 10 – 13
Laura’s Next Chapter – Big Move to the Ocean!


Wednesday, September 1
Joyful Business Studio – Monthly Workshop: Dare to be Seen – Naturally increasing your capacity to be seen and found as a highly success expert in your field!

Join us for this hands on workshop filled with ideas for increasing your visibility AND how to expand your capacity to be willing to be seen as an expert in your field. Included with your membership in the Joyful Business Studio!

Friday, September 10
Joyful Business Studio: Get Stuff Done That Matters – Virtual Retreat

Come join us! My clients LOVE this! Get Stuff done that matters – together! Only available through the Studio monthly membership here. A highly affordable, creativity + practical monthly membership where you get quarterly Get it Done Days! Let’s get stuff done that matters – together!


Coming this fall!
New Group Mastermind & Coaching Program
This summer I’m in dialoging with my business about a brand new program. (yes – dialoging with your business is a thing! A very powerful process actually, which you’ll learn in this high level program.). I’m journaling, mind mapping and planning a new mastermind and group coaching program for you for this fall. More to come…think Flow + Healing + Living Your Manifesto!

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October 20-23
Creative Retreat by-the-Sea 
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Virginia Beach, VA – oceanfront beach house

The Creative Business Retreat by-the-Sea is THE place to to rejuvenate the soul and spirit of you and your business! We are all filled Up for this experience! You can add your name to the waitlist for the next retreat here.

PS: Soul Nourishing Affirmation:

More and more I am standing in my power and sharing my message proudly and magnetically!

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