{Marketing Magic} Change Your Story – Change Your Results!

Hello & Welcome to a fresh new week!

I’ve been having so much fun ordering furniture, decorating and setting up my sanctuary. It’s the first time since my early 20’s where I get to set everything up just for me and my preferences! I feel totally in the JoyFlow of it all!

It’s not always easy moving, especially doing it alone. One thing I know for sure is the stories you tell yourself are your paintbrush. Whether it’s in your business or your life, the stories you tell yourself over and over, create your reality on the canvas of your life!

Read on for today’s article for more about creating your reality…

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Wishing you a week filled with big flow, easy expansion, and actions aligned with your soul!

Change Your Story – Change Your Results!

The story you tell yourself in your head is what you see showing up in your life and your business – every time.

Do you tell yourself that marketing is hard and complicated? When you tell yourself a story over and over, it’s what you start to believe. If you to believe (more often than not) that marketing is hard and complicated, then you start to see hard and complicated marketing everywhere. You’ll see examples of people telling you that you must spend 1000’s on Facebook ads and that you must learn how to create complicated funnels.

Here’s the kicker…then you ACT like it’s true.

When you believe marketing is hard and complicated you are sure to see examples everywhere, then you’ll ACT as though it’s true. Either by spending $$$$ on a course you don’t really want to take and won’t follow through with but you think you should, or you’ll shy away from showing up fully in your current marketing.

You will actually withdraw your energy from your marketing efforts and stop short of doing something new because in your mind marketing is hard and complicated and you play right into the story– so why bother, right?

The ENERGY you show up with is communicated.

The marketing you do with a frustrated – this-isn’t-going-to-work-anyway energy…gets communicated.

In person and online. Emails and videos have energy.

It’s important to catch these sneaky stories because they are shaping your day, and your results…in every moment.

What if you believed that marketing can be surprisingly creative, interesting, and fruitful with ease?

What if you looked for examples, stories, and evidence of THAT story being true? I guarantee you’ll see it everywhere! You’ll overhear stories of success from colleagues and clients – where they are succeeding without the “hard” energy.

You’ll see emails in a new light, you’ll suddenly notice a coach who can help you achieve success in a way that is in alignment with your new belief. (Yes, that would be me! 😉 )

And most importantly, you’ll ACT differently. You’ll believe in the power of your efforts. You’ll show up with a different energy that is open, inviting, and lighter…which is highly attractive. You’ll trust coaches that are in alignment with your new beliefs and stories and not those who are playing into your fears and worries.

I can see this playing out right now for me with my move to this new apartment. The living complex is very focused on creating community. It’s part of why I moved here. (That and the easy access to walks by the marina every morning!)

It would be easy to focus my attention on ego fears that I won’t make any friends, I’m too…shy, old, young, single, quiet…blah, blah, blah…

I can look at all the other people who are talking, the people who are having get togethers by the pool or the grills and feed the story that I don’t belong.


I can focus on all the community activities as evidence that I’ve moved to the right place.

I can focus on the conversation I had this morning by the marina with the guy who has a dog named Sophie – who is very friendly!

I can acknowledge the relationship with the new couple who moved in on my floor at the same time and she made a comment about setting up her art room! Oh yeah….sounds like my kinda friend!

I can focus on small steps of saying hi, connecting, getting to know people one by one.

I even put out a welcome mat in front of my door that says, “Welcome Friends!”

I’m choosing to live into my intention. To see evidence of my new story!

What is an intention you have where you are feeding yourself a disempowering story?

The first step is awareness. To stop and realize that you are repeating a story that doesn’t serve what you want to create.

Then create a new BELIEVABLE story (not one that is so unbelievable that you’re whole being denys it)…one that has to feel more open and in the realm of possibilities!

Then look for evidence of that new story!

Be prepared to be amazed!

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PS: Soul Nourishing Affirmation:

I am a woman who loves meeting new creative people.

I am a soul-inspired entrepreneur who loves marketing with ease and creativity!

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