{Marketing Magic} Brene is interviewing ME & other visions of abundance…

Happy Monday to you!

So many great things are happening here!

Today I am kicking off my second Creating from Flow program. We have amazing conscious entrepreneurs from all over joining together to support each other in creating a summer of deep creativity, generous support, aligned actions and loads of fun!

Yes! Fun. In your business.

It’s allowed. In fact, it is a Flow Elixir!

Laughing is the best medicine. Giggling is even better! (when I giggle, that’s how I KNOW I am on to something good! #SoulGiggles!)

Oh! Be sure to check out in the events section at the end of the newsletter for the next Creative Business Retreat-by-the-Sea! We are already half full…and I’d love to talk to you about attending. It’s in one of my favorite beach houses right on the ocean. Think: business + delicious food + dolphin sightings + soulgiggles + creativity +rejuvenation + expansion.

Drop me a note if you want to talk about it!

I’m also excited to share today’s article about getting clear on your own unique picture of what abundance looks like. What makes your soul sing when you think of having an abundance life and business? (like…Brene Brown interviewing you?!)

That’s what we want to create…abundance aligned with your souls work!!

Wishing you a week filled with big flow, easy expansion, and actions aligned with your soul!

What Does Abundance Look Like For You?

We tend to talk about abundance a lot when talking about growing a business.

What does abundance really look like? It’s really very personal, isn’t it?

What is abundance to you – might be overwhelming to me. What is abundance to me might not light up your heart.

So, a great place to start attracting more abundance is to get clear about what it actually looks like in your business and life.

Here’s what I hear abundance looks like for my clients…

I have plenty of clients I love.

I have a handful of high paying clients.

I have a list that is easily growing.

I receive invitations to speak all the time. I just get to show up and do the thing I love!

My marketing is easy.

I have consistent money coming into my bank account.

I smile big when I check my savings account.

I easily bring in $5k a month.

I easily bring in $10k a month.

I am consistently making over six figures each year.

I am making a quarter million every year.

I can travel anywhere I want, whenever I want.

I can sign up for workshops and retreats without worrying about the price.

I easily fill my retreats.

I have my easy, great and heaven money goals and I’m always amazed at how I often I hit the heaven goals.

Clients come to me easily and effortlessly.

I have found my voice and share my message easily and freely.

I get invited to speak at cool places.

Brene Brown is interviewing ME!

I live in a home that feels like my sanctuary.

I can finally say what I do and people get it!

I live in a home on a marina by the water!

I live in a place where I can also hold retreats (#1 most popular vision of abundance!)

I am leading retreats in gorgeous locations.

I am contributing to my family’s needs – college, vacation, and building out that basement!

I feel proud of myself in my business.

I have written a book about my passion and expertise!

I have friends who I laugh with.

I have a loving partner.

Oprah has me on speed dial.

I can easily afford delicious, healthy foods (or a cook!).

I have plenty of support and easily pay for them.

I feel supported in my business and in my life!

The first step in creating and attracting an abundance business is getting clear about your vision.

Go ahead and get out a piece of paper or that favorite journal.

Take a little dream break and ask yourself: If you could have your business and life anyway you wanted…what would it look like for you?

Join me in the Joyful Business Studio!

This is a soulful community of Ripple-Maker business owners who want to grow their business in a soul-nourishing way.

In this creative (and oh-so-affordable) membership program you’ll receive:

  • Connection to an A-mazing community (think: friendships, support, collaborations),
  • Monthly Workshop on marketing/money/money/mojo
  • Monthly Inspiration Call – filled with coaching, creativity and tapping into the Universal Abundance Current

If you are tired of the “hustle-grind-formula pressure model” then you’ll love this elixir of business smarts + creativity + joy + spirituality + integrity + realness!

I know you don’t want to be a full time marketing guru and you want your marketing to be simple and impactful. I’ll share with you how to do that!

When you join us now you get TWO Bonus Guided Meditations:

  • Feel Your Power Meditation
  • Universal Abundance Current Journey

These are powerful meditations to help you align your energy. And you get more of these in the Studio each month!

Check it out and join us for the next workshop: Joyful Business Studio

I hope to see you in the Studio this week!

Creating from Flow Love from Barb Brown, Insight and Healing

Creating from Flow is enormously powerful! I am so grateful, as my new body of work, my new business, all came from being in this program. It excavated what really wanted to be birthed through me with my gifts and unique brilliance. Laura brings healing and transformation to help you align to your business, your Soul Work, at the deepest level. I know I want to make a difference while having fun and Laura holds both so brilliantly.

Opportunities to Create & Grow with Laura


Coach and Profit Gift Giveaway
May 4-16
Are you a coach or use coaching skills in your business? You’ll want to check out these amazing tools and resources to help you grow your business. You can get my new Energy JAM!


Friday, June 18
Get It Done Day! Virtual Retreat

Get Stuff done that matters – together! Only available through the Studio monthly membership here. A highly affordable, creativity + practical monthly membership where you get quarterly Get it Done Days! Let’s get stuff done that matters – together!


October 20-23
Creative Retreat by-the-Sea
Virginia Beach, VA – oceanfront beach house

The Creative Business Retreat by-the-Sea is back! This will be a place to fill up your soul and spirit of you and your business! You can check out the details here.

If you are interested, let’s have a conversation and I’ll fill you in on the rest! Since it’s an intimate group setting, registration is only by interview to make sure this is a right fit for you and everyone participating.

Read the information, bask in the photos and stories and then reach out and set up a conversation with me to talk retreat possibilities!

BTW, Half of the spots are taken for in this small intimate retreat so don’t wait, ok?

PS: Soul Nourishing Affirmation:

More and more I am finding my soul voice and sharing it easily.

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