{Marketing Magic} Are you Excited about Your Offer?

Hello & Welcome to a fresh new week!

My question for you today is, “Are you excited about your main offer?”

Take a moment to check and see if you are feeling enthusiastic about your main package or service. Are you excited about sharing it? If not, why would your clients be? LOL, seriously though.

Know that if YOU are excited, it’s being communicated through your energy, presence and actions(or lack of!). Read on to see what could be happening for you and what to do.

Stay tuned for something special this week…it’s my birthday week and I am excited to share with you my newest vibe shifting product on my birthday! Watch for emails coming from me on Thursday!

Wishing you a week filled with joy, delight, imperfect actions aligned with your soul!

Are you Excited about Your Offer?

Are you excited about your main service, package or offer?

If not, what’s going on? It’s time to get curious because if you’re not excited then how in the world do you expect to attract clients?

If you find yourself uninspired or even forgetting what your main service is then you definitely want to check in with these four common energy blocks. Then commit to making changes.

Your energy, presence and leadership make a difference!

#1: Is your main offer outdated?

Has the industry changed significantly? Well, actually, what industry hasn’t changed significantly after the last year we’ve all had?

Take a look at your offer and see how you could update what your client’s problems, struggles and aspirations are. Do they have new dreams that they were ignoring before the pandemic and now they can’t ignore any longer? It’s time to include that new yearning and hunger!

People and companies are looking for more support with emotional agility, resiliency and stress management as we all adjust to this new way of being with uncertainty and rapid changes. What could you add to your package to help address these needs. Think: bonus meditations, mindfulness tools, emotional resiliency apps.

Many people are finally at the point where they can no longer compromise their values, gifts and passions. There’s a big opportunity to help your clients get clear on what those inner motivations are and add these components to your offers in a way that makes your work even deeper and the transformation even greater.

#2: You’ve outgrown your Main Offer.

Maybe your core service doesn’t reflect the work you do now. It worked a couple of years ago, but now you’ve changed. Your business evolves as you grow and evolve in your expertise and your Unique Beautiful Brilliance.

For example, if you are studying intuition and spirituality and your offer is 100% practical, then there is going to be a disconnect.

Perhaps you’ve been focusing on bringing more creativity into your life and business and you see there is an opportunity to bring a more creative approach into your business. Make sure you include what this new depth will add to your client’s transformation and results.

#3: Your Best Client Ever (BCE) has changed.

It’s common for your clients to shift and change as your business grows. One of my clients is a Leadership Coach who started out working with professional women. It evolved into a specialty for women in top healthcare roles. Her packages and programs have changed to be more specific for their struggles, opportunities and dreams – both in her descriptions and also by what she includes in her packages.

It’s common when you first start out that you focus on one niche or type of client and then as you become more aware of your passions, strengths, and soul’s path that your clarity about your Best Client Ever increases and you see your sweet spot of impact…and income!

#4: Sometimes you are just bored.

Have you been doing it so long that you get bored with it even though the clients keep coming? You might love your clients but be a bit bored with the same thing over and over.

Now is the time to give your package a makeover! What would make it more engaging for YOU? If you’re not sure – go back and look at the other options above! Your answer is probably that you’ve evolved, your interests, focus and passions have shifted or your clients have.

Now is an ideal time to make a big leap! Create a Dream Offer – You know that package you’ve only dreamed about sharing? Including a retreat to a beautiful location, or like one of my clients who wanted to take men on fishing trips – get them away from work and daily pressures to talk about what really matters. Adding in an intuitive reading, partnering with a colleague who has another expertise.

What would your Dream Offer look like?

So, back to the original question. Are you excited about your Main Offer? If not, what’s going on…don’t let it keep drifting. It’s time to get creative and make a change!

It’ll make you more alive in your business again – which is the uber client attractor factor!

Are you ready to work with a business coach…who isn’t like any other business coach around?

Isn’t it time to let go of the internal pressure of hustling, grinding and trying to fit into someone else’s idea of what you SHOULD be doing to be successful.

Instead, imagine owning your own beautiful brilliance and magic… and being in total alignment of your energy, power and focus so that you are wide open to the field of possibilities.

As one client says…I’ve done a total 180! I love sharing my message now and find marketing is actually fun and rewarding!

Imagine your business where flow is a daily way of life rather than feeling that internal pressure to constantly be hustling for results. Where when you wake up in the morning you can feel your presence in the Universal Abundance Current and you can’t wait to share your gifts to help your clients’ lives!

From this place you are so much more potent and so much more is possible for you and your business…with ease and joy!

This is what’s possible when you clear your blocks and limiting beliefs…you create with the Universal Abundance Current supporting you. I know…that sounds pretty woo. Actually, it’s full on woo-woo! But it’s true and surprisingly practical. It’s the new marketing paradigm that is available to you. Let go of the hustle and doing what works for someone else. It’s time to lead and market – being Beautifully YOU!

If this sounds intriguing, let’s talk about you, your business and liberating your power, your creativity and your success! Let’s have a call about you’re your soul-led business! No high pressure – it’s a conversation to see what’s possible! Reply to this email and I’ll send you over a calendar link for us to talk.

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PS: Soul Nourishing Affirmation:

I am a passionate entrepreneur who loves sharing my new packages!

More and More I am following my Soul’s Path!

I love feeling excited about my work and how I make a difference!

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