{Marketing Magic} 50 Places to Go for A Inspiration Date to Ignite Your Creativity

Hello & Welcome to a fresh new week!

I had such fun celebrating my birthday last week! Thank you for all your memories, well wishes and fun greetings! I felt like I was bathed in love!

I went to dinner with friends on my birthday and sat by the inlet watching the sunset while we ate. It was so soul loving.

I’m also super excited to share with you my newest product, the Energy JAM™! It is a fun, easy toolkit to help you create your very own loving script of soul-nourishing affirmations! I think you’ll really enjoy it and find it surprisingly powerful!

Your Energy JAM will easily become part of your daily success ritual to help you align your energy for the day!

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I have lots of inspiration to share with you this week. Today’s article I share 50 ideas for an Creative Inspiration Date!

Wishing you a week filled with joy, delight, imperfect actions aligned with your soul!

50 Places to Go for A Inspiration Date to Ignite Your Creativity

I’m a firm believer that inspiration happens outside the office.

And, implementation happens when you are sitting in front of your computer.

No wonder we have been uber challenged this past year plus! I know I have spoken to many people who feel like their creative well has run dry or their usual places aren’t doing for them.

So if you are looking for fresh new ideas, a different perspective or a shift in energy as you create articles, programs or working on that new project you aren’t going to find it sitting their staring at the computer screen.

It’s time to create an Inspiration Date with yourself!

Much like how Julia Cameron talks about taking an artist date in her book, The Artist’s Way, the Inspiration Date is a planned (or spontaneous excursion) with the intention to fill up your creative well for your business ideas and projects.

It can be as simple as taking an hour and venturing outside your office or get out the calendar and plan a special adventure.

You could even schedule several excursions over the next few weeks to keep that creativity flowing.

It feels very daring in these uncertain times. Do what you need to do to feel protected and safe…and schedule some time to fill up your creative well.

It’s so needed now more than ever to tap into our creativity for a life fully lived and to make your business dreams come alive!

Need some ideas for where to go on an Inspiration Date?

Here are 50 of my favorite places to go for a change of scenery and perspective.

  1. Local park (ok, you may be tired of all the time you’ve spent in the local part – so try a new, fresh park!)
  2. Art Gallery
  3. Café – enjoy sitting outside
  4. Art supply store
  5. Organic or health food grocery store
  6. Guitar store
  7. Library
  8. Look for murals on the side of buildings (locally we have an area of town called the Vibe District and they unveiled 10 murals created by local artists)
  9. Book store (especially those indie ones! They need your support to stay live!)
  10. Thrift store
  11. Music and art festivals
  12. Quilt store
  13. Cooking supply store
  14. Walk a local labyrinth
  15. Farmer’s market
  16. Walk around the neighborhood in a new direction
  17. Flea market
  18. Graveyard
  19. Piano store
  20. Nature museum
  21. Local historical landmark
  22. Walk on the beach or a lake
  23. Used record store
  24. Planetarium
  25. Used book store
  26. Asian grocery store
  27. Aquarium
  28. Fabric shop
  29. Old film theatre
  30. Gem and rock store
  31. Garden center
  32. Walking trail
  33. IKEA
  34. Neighborhood hardware store
  35. Giant hardware store
  36. Drive-in theatre
  37. Park by the train tracks and wait for a train
  38. Downtown
  39. Suburbs
  40. Toy store
  41. New restaurant
  42. Cupcake shop
  43. Amusement park
  44. Office Supply and stationary store
  45. Paint and wallpaper store
  46. Your backyard
  47. Day trip to a new city
  48. Visit a waterfall
  49. Beautiful hotel lobby
  50. Local arts festival

It’s amazing how the Flowmentum starts moving when you shift locations, see beauty, walk in nature or explore something new.

Just getting out of your office will help you see things differently, but when you go on an Inspiration Date with yourself you are setting your intention for new ideas to emerge through the wonderful visual and sensory stimulation.

I’d love to know your favorite Inspiration Date place. Or an idea you have for a place you would like to go.

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I love feeling in the flow!