Marketing Basics Inventory Checklist – What Needs Updated, Elevated or Thrown Out?

by Laura West

I’ve noticed with my clients (and with myself!) that we can be so focused on creating new things that we forget to look at our current marketing materials and see what needs to change.

One of the most popular teleclasses I’ve led for my clients this year is one where we talked about revisiting your Marketing Basics and taking an inventory.

And deciding…

What needs to be created? Updated? Elevated? Or just plain Thrown Out?

Here’s a sample from my checklist of Marketing Basics to review:


 Business Card

 Website Banner

 Book/Product Flyer

 Bio – Speaking, Newsletter, long, short

 Website Page

 Services Sales Page/Information Page

 Product Sales Page

 Social Media Profiles

 Email Signature

 Speaker One Sheet

 Media Page on Website

This is so important because when you meet a new potential client or joint venture partner and you have website shame or your marketing materials make you cringe then you are going to innately hold back. Or, if you are having to scramble at the last minute to create a marketing piece – that cuts off the energetic flow to attracting that very opportunity you’ve worked so hard to get!

Before you get frustrated and feel like you just added a bunch of stuff to your never ending to-do list, I have great news!

This Friday, October 14th, I am leading a Virtual Retreat for you to #GetStuffDoneThatMatters!

This is a dedicated, focused, fun time for you to get stuff done that will move your business forward. Like one or two things on this Marketing Basics checklist.

You can breathe a sigh of relief and feel confident in your marketing again, knowing you have time devoted to getting done the very project that will help your business grow!

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Get Stuff Done That Matters!

This Virtual Retreat is a fun time to focus and get stuff done that matters!

Plus, you’ll learn some of my favorite productivity and focus tools!

See you Friday!

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