Are You Clear About Your Magnetic Specialty Niche?

by Laura West


Are you crystal clear about your Magnetic Specialty Niche?

Your Magnetic Specialty Niche is the sweet spot intersection of 1) your Unique Creative Brilliance, 2) problems and opportunities that your ideal clients are looking for solutions to and 3) your deep authentic confidence in the work that you do.

Your Unique Creative Brilliance is the special combination that makes up YOU: your strengths, expertise, talents, market stand and your personality.

When you combine your UCB offering solutions to specific clients then you create a Magnetic Specialty Niche.

You also want to make sure you are first offering solutions that address the problems and opportunities that your clients are looking for solutions to help them. You can then take them deeper and offer them what you know they need but first you need to give them help with their immediately pressing passions and pains.

The Magnetic part comes in when you “Do your work.” That means that you have a deep confidence in your work. There is nothing more attractive than being masterful at your work. You don’t have to be an expert in all areas but hone a sense of confidence in your area of expertise.

Your marketing is more effective in attracting clients to you, when you create marketing campaigns and write creative content focusing on this sweet spot of your Magnetic Specialty Niche.

Let’s face it – you have a certain amount of time, money and energy. When you focus your marketing efforts to speak to your Magnetic Specialty Niche you get more focused results. Which means… More clients! More opportunities to speak and more collaborations!

When you scatter your energy and focus on all types of clients with all sorts of problems then you get scattered results. A client here and there but not a consistent influx of clients or revenue that you can count on.

And it’s harder to build up your brand, visibility and expertise this way.

That is very frustrating!

Here are some signs you aren’t as clear as you could be with your Magnetic Specialty Niche:

  • People love you and love your message, but they don’t buy! (Very confusing, isn’t it?) That means something is off in your Magnetic Specialty Niche.
  • You hear crickets when you send out an email campaign (very frustrating!)
  • You are bored, and you are just doing the same thing you’ve been doing in the past and you’re wondering why it’s not working now (time to wake up and allow the evolution!)
  • People can’t seem to remember what you do or don’t refer people to you. (Imagine people happily sending people to you to because they KNOW you are the right person!)
  • Whenever you introduce yourself in a room you feel like you sound like everyone else. (That drains your enthusiasm and confidence!)

If you are nodding your head at one or more of these situations, then it’s time to shore up and get clear about one of the three areas that make up your Magnetic Specialty Niche.

This week take some time to focus on your Magnetic Specialty Niche. Go through those questions and see what is true for you. What changes can you make in your marketing to tighten up your message and more clearly speak to your ideal clients.

Where do you need to be braver?

I will say it helps to have a coach you can talk through it with. I know it’s hard for me to see where things are broken in my own business. I feel the pain, so I know something is off, but I can’t always see how to fix it. That’s when I know it’s time to get an experienced coach!

Enjoy your homework and let me know if I can help you get clearer so you can focus that energy and see the results!

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